Amazon Defends Warehouse Safety Following Report on Injuries

Amazon defends Warehouse Safety following report on injuries on Tuesday. A news investigation pointed that Amazon has higher-than-injury rate in logistics operations in their warehouse to which Amazon denied.

Amazon Defends Warehouse Safety Following Report on Injuries

Center for Investigative Reporting’s Reveal recently issued report saying that Amazon fulfillment centers recorded 14,000 serious injuries in 2019. Hence, they require days off or job restrictions . So, they added that the overall rate of 7.7 serious injuries per 100 employees was 33% higher than in 2016. It exceeds the industrial standard by nearby double.

Complaints regarding Amazon warehouse working conditions increased these days. The company denied any misleading to the public and claimed the reports interpretation wrong.

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Center for Investigative Reporting reports that workers injury in Amazon have increased drastically and internal safety reports and weekly injury numbers reported. They are misleading the public about the safety records. Amazon defends Warehouse safety saying, they see an improvement in injury reduction rate within the company.

Amazon Defends Warehouse Safety Following Report on Injuries

In addition it said, no rules or regulations mentions for the rate of injury in warehouse. No specifications are mentions in the industrial standards. In the statement they said, they give leave to workers even when they suffer from sprain while working until they get better.

It is the second time of  Reveal reveling Amazon’s worker safety record. Furthermore, their report stated that injuries rates of Amazon were higher near the international head quarters. Workers in these factories require some protection quota which increases every year. Amazon’s top executive to which replied that they deployed humans with robots in their fulfillment centers.  They check for every worker’s well being before making them work. They have employed more than 3,00,000 people till date.

According to Reveal, Amazon knew about these reports beforehand and ignored it. They were aware of the fact that warehouses employing robots were the ones with high serius injuries rates.

In conclusion, Amazon invested $800 million in their warehouse safety measures. This investment came after the workers started protesting against the company.

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Amazon defends warehouse injuries.

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