Google lost domain

Google lost domain


Google the “big daddy” of all companies has lost ownership over its URL. The news comes as a shock for all Indian bloggers. Google allowed this to happen in the month of June 2020.  A company by the name domainming has purchased this domain for a mere $6000.

It is not that the bloggers of this domain are not able to login to their accounts, it’s just that instead of they have to type However, the problem arises is that the bloggers who have mentioned the url in other websites, those urls are coming as broken links.

More than anything, it seems to be an embarrassment for Google, the tech giant. Google had acquired blogspot in the year 2003. Since, then millions of users have blogged on this platform from India too. It came as rude shock to all the Indian users when one fine morning they realised that they could not login to their blogspot accounts. Google’s URL faces potential problems from malicious elements.

Google would soon like to issue a clarification regarding what has happened or it might lose goodwill of people of India. stopped

In my opinion, google making such a big blunder seems to be a little laughable. if not for Google, but for us living in India is a big deal. I remember I started blogging way back in 2008. I enjoyed writing my blog and shared it with friends and family. Even though I haven’t written for a while, however when I heard the news I quickly sat down to open my blog. My blog did open but I saw that the URL had changed. 

Google’s blogspot is a major offering from Google. I think the company will take quick action to rectify the issue.


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