Google may start food delivery services in India

Google may start food delivery services in India to take on Swiggy, Zomato in a food race. Google has recently started testing its food delivery features on its Indian service. This would be the Indian variation of which is available in the United States. The system allows a user to submit their order and directly pay all Google search engine. The food deliveries are handled by third-party platform such as grub hub in the United States. Google manages to make the teacher available then users there will be able to order my favorite restaurant online. Deliveries in India would also be filled by third-party, most likely Dunzo. Indeed, the company has begun upgrading its systems in anticipation of Google’s delivery service becoming available in India.


What This Means

Google may start food delivery

The ramifications of Google may start food delivery services in India are game change. Google the largest and most effective Internet search available. It is able to use simple keywords sort through vast amounts of data and bring up the best results. What this means is no matter how obscure the restaurant as long as you have a website it’s there. It will also eventually provide more business to other food delivery platforms. While it is true that the Google food service appears to be initially partnering with Dunzo this will change. Simply because the service will probably create more demand than one food delivery platform can fulfill. It is even possible that Google could pay to start up a delivery service of its own. At the very least they could provide startup money for additional delivery platform.

On the other hand, the entry of Google into the Indian food delivery service will challenge the current Kings. Swiggy, Zomato being those Kings of the Indian food delivery service. Swiggy and Zomato are India’s two largest online food order and delivery service companies. However, they’re not as large as Google. Which means that they will have serious competition from Google food deliver service.

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