Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker with improved Acoustics , Slimmer Design launched

Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker
Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker

Post the release of Google Pixel 4a 5 G, Pixel 5, and Chromecast with Google TV items; Google has now unveiled its brand new smart speaker, the Google Nest Audio; on Tuesday.

Google Nest Audio Smart Speaker

The speaker is believed to be an original and upgraded version of the Google Home. Furthermore, it also possesses a list of acoustic enhancements; other than a thinner profile; with the aim of providing a better music experience to the listeners.

Moreover, it has also adapted a few Assistant features that were introduced last year; by the Nest Mini. It is believed to make use of 70 per cent recycled plastic; in order to provide a sustainable fabric design.

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Google has priced its all-new Nest Audio at $99.99 (approximately Rs. 7,400). However,  any information concerning the pricing of the device in India has not been disclosed yet.

Furthermore, according to the reports, the all-new Google Nest Audio will be available on sale to the consumers from October 5; in the U.S., Canada, and India, and 21 more countries as of October 15.

The company in its India blog post announced that the consumers can place their orders online on platforms such as that of Flipkart, or other retail outlets in India.

The existing Nest Audio speaker is believed to be 75% louder and encompasses 50 per cent more bass than the original Google Home.

Google, in an official statement, said that more than 500 hours tuning has been dedicated to the speaker with an aim of achieving a “complete, clear, and natural” sound. The tech giant has also dedicated an enormous amount of time in designing grille, fabric, and materials for a better and improved acoustical experience.

Google has initiated a few new and advanced features for Nest Audio.

Google promotes a Media EQ feature that changes or converts the audio profile automatically in accordance with the type of content being consumed; to facilitate better user experience.

Moreover, the ambient IQ is set to adapt to the user’s environment on its own. The presence of stream transfer and a multi-room control from a Home or Nest speaker to another; are some of the newly introduced features by Google.

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