Google’s all new Android TV Dongle could make Chromecast look Overpriced

Google Android TV dongle
Google Android TV Dongle

Google has come up with a new streaming gadget, Google Android TV dongle, called ‘Sabrina’; and is going to make it’s Chromecast, already plugged in the screen look shockingly overpriced. 

Google Android TV dongle
Google Android TV Dongle

Google Chromecast :

Chromecast is a Google-designed gadget. The device, a small dongle, allow users with a mobile device or personal computer to play audio-visual content on a high-definition TV or home audio system; via mobile and web applications. The content can also be replicated from Google’s Chrome web browser running on a personal computer, and some Android devices’ screen.

When Google first launched its Chromecast, watching TV shows , movies, streaming YouTube and music videos from smartphones or tablets on the big screen could be achieved with ease and comfort.

But, things have changed since its launch. Today, the general public can buy a competing product these days for a similar price, with similar characteristics and benefits. In fact with better features, such as – a voice search to boot. The Chromecast, in other words, is beginning to look a bit overpriced in the market.

Google Android TV Dongle :

Google Android TV comes with an in built Google Assistant. Simply saying “ok Google” or clicking the mic button on the remote will help and find the new movie easily, check the big game score or dim the lights – all without any hassle.

All the Android TV devices support Google Cast. This enables the media to be queued to Chromecast in the same manner from compatible apps on other devices. Android TV supports Google Play Store applications, including apps and games for broadcast.

Google is rumored to work on a new dongle, Google Android TV dongle, known as ‘Sabrina’.  The same will plug into TV’s HDMI port and its affordability will keep up with the competition. It will offer a full Android TV experience that is already available on a range of TV sets such as Philips, Sony and more. Android TV dongle also comes with applications and sports, as well as a dedicated menu.

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