GTA 5 APK v1.0.2060.1 for Android: How to Download GTA 5 APK for Free

Grand Theft Auto 5, one of the best Epic Games, is available to download for free in the form of our GTA 5 APK. This includes GTA Online, and the multiplayer gaming mode Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack. Below, you will be able to download the full GTA 5 game for free on any compatible Android device.

Application Details:

Release date: April 14, 2015
Genre: Action, Racing, 3D
Developer: Rockstar North
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Platform: Mobile (Android)
Interface language: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Polish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese
Speech-Language: English
Multiplayer: Available (version 1.52)
Version: 1.0.2060.1 (client updated 09.09.2020)


  • New guns, weapons, vehicles, and more.
  • New types of animals.
  • More traffic on the roads.
  • More detailed vegetation.
  • Improved effects of damages and weather conditions.

Features of the distribution:

  • Game version: 1.0.2060.1 / 1.52
  • Working multiplayer.
  • Quick installation (large volume compensation).
  • Built-in launcher with the ability to update the game.

GTA 5 Download for Android


Several pages and YouTube channels claim to provide download links to GTA 5 APK in an effort to capitalize on the huge success of this franchise. Rockstar, however, has yet to port the game to mobile devices, and no news of the game coming to smartphones has been declared. However, with our GTA 5 APK, you can get it on mobile devices today.

It is often dangerous to download files from third-party sites, since they pose a huge security danger. Viruses and malware could be on any download, under the guise of games such as GTA 5. It’s recommended that apps and games be downloaded from reputable sources, such as the Google Play Store.

GTA 5 Download Free

One of the best selling games of all time are GTA 5 or Grand Theft Auto 5. It’s very common among all ages, despite being strictly for players over the age of 18. The Grand Theft Auto series has been around for a long time, GTA 5 itself almost barring on the age of 7. Using our GTA 5 APK, you can take this popular game anywhere you want.

After all this success, the Epic Games Store welcomes GTA 5 on board and offers the game to all PC gamers for free. With the launch of Fortnite, the Epic Games Store is immensely popular. With GTA 5 available for free, even the official store is having trouble managing all the accounts that want to download the game.

While getting GTA 5 for free sounds exciting, it gets even better. The company offers the Premium Edition at no cost. The special edition includes GTA Online, as well as the multiplayer gaming experience Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack. Check out the GTA 5 APK Free Download link below.

Epic Games GTA 5 for Free

Epic Games revealed that GTA 5 will be included as one of the free games they are offering monthly, the gaming community couldn’t wait to move back to Los Santos and play the game again. There’s still a big chunk of the gaming community that hasn’t played GTA 5 yet and now is one of the best times to play GTA 5 with our GTA 5 APK.

How to get GTA 5 for Free?

  • Visit the GTA 5 page on Epic Games website
  • If you have an account sign up or create a new one
  • Now it will prompt you to activate Two Factor Authentication, which you should do to get the game for free.
  • Now click on Place Order to add the game in your library
  • From the website download and install the Epic Games Launcher
  • Then sign up with the same account
  • Go to the library and click install available below the GTA 5 label
  • Finally, choose the path where you want to install the game

Other GTA Downloads

It is essential to note that several older games from the GTA series were ported by Rockstar Games to meet the needs of the growing mobile public. This includes:

How to download GTA 5 APK for Android?

To download the GTA 5 APK for Android follow the steps provided below.

  • First, download the APK file here.
  • Save the file
  • Start the installation
  • Then open the GTA 5 APK on Android

Download FAQ

Q. Where to get GTA 5 for free?

A. You can get GTA 5 for free from the Epic Games website.

Q. How to download GTA 5 Apk for Android?

A. To download the GTA 5 Apk for Android follow the steps provided below.

  • First, download the Apk file
  • Save the file
  • Start the installation
  • Then open the GTA 5 Apk on Android