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Everything About Guns, Cars, and Zombies MOD APK

Guns, Cars and Zombies MOD APK is an Android car racing game. It offers its players the fun of a zombie killer theme game as well as everyone’s favorite car racing fun but in its own new gameplay. The game developers promises to give the best and the most extreme game experience.

Guns, cars and zombies, these three are most demanded features which make an epic mobile game and quickly gets popular among all sorts of users. The main task given by this game is to crush the zombie army with your car. As the premise of the game is set in the overcast apocalypse world. So after knowing everything you are all set to take control of your battle vehicle, mount weapons and travel to a variety of dangerous locations filled with scary undead.

In the game one will find crossing highways, and have to destroy hordes of zombies. Try to successfully complete the  missions, including more than one hundred quests. Which will allow you to mount new guns and armor on your vehicle with blades and spikes.

You join a clan and conquer the territory by winning spectacular 1v1 battles. At Guild War events. Guns, Cars and Zombies MOD APK for Android is one of the best zombie racing games one will definitely get addicted to.

Permissions Required by Guns, Cars, and Zombies MOD APK

Location Permissions

  • Approximate location required

Personal information

  • Optional permission required to access Email for app functionality purpose
  • User IDs are for App functionality as well as for personalization of application as per user.


  • User generated content
  • In-app messaging permission
  • App interactions
  • Draw over other apps
  • Google Play billing service
  • Google Play license check
  • Crash logs
  • Diagnostics
  • App performance data permissions
  • Prevent phone from sleeping
  • Play install Referrer API
  • view WLAN connections
  • pair with Bluetooth devices
  • Receive data from internet

Features of Guns, Cars, and Zombies MOD APK

Guns Cars and Zombies MOD APK download

  • Choose your style and build your unique zombie survival car!
    Here the player can customize their vehicles and install all sorts of weapons in the vehicle. This feature makes the game even more creative and helps in improving the survival skills.
  • Assemble different weapons to the car to be more deadly.
    A variety of weapons are available within the game such as Blades, Swords, rocket launchers, guns etc. Taking about guns the game provides many guns which include Automatic Rifles, shotguns, machine guns and what not.
  • Play four chapters and dozens of mini-series
    To make the game even more interesting one can also play in different events and mini-games which are loaded with challenging missions.
  • Defeat other players in the PvP arena to become a legend
    The game also comes with a 1v1 battle mode where two players can play head-on each other and prove who has better skills.
  • Join a guild and play with other survivors!
    It also gives a team gameplay exposure to its players which is a must in these kind of games.
  • Explain the war, fight opposing guilds to control territories, and win epic 1v1 car battles!

Steps to Download and Install

  1. Download the Latest Guns Cars and Zombies MOD APK file to your phone from the link provided below in this article.
  2. Check if the Unknown sources installation is enabled and if it is not enabled.
  3. Then navigate to the Android security settings and make sure the “Unknown sources” option is enabled.
  4. Open the downloaded APK file using a file manager and click on the “Install” button.
  5. Wait till the installation is completed successfully, and click on the “Open” Button to start enjoying your kind of gameplay on Guns Cars and Zombies MOD APK.


Guns Cars and Zombies MOD APK is a simple yet addictive game that will help you relax your mind and can also be used as a way to forget about your personal life and enjoy. It provides you good gaming experience and will also help you to enjoy everyone’s favorite Racing mode and earn enough money to progress through the game and buy different weapon attachments.

The gameplay requires minimal effort to understand but will definitely be challenging to master. There are also a lot of object upgrades that one can easily buy to improve the quality of the aquarium.

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