Hailey Baldwin’s new Tattoo has a Justin Bieber connection.

Justin Bieber Hailey tattoo: 

Hailey Baldwin’s new Tattoo has a Justin Bieber connection. Hailey, the wife of Justin Bieber, has a ‘J’ tattooed on her ring finger, along with a star. She also has a tattoo Beleza inscribed on her neck. Beleza means beauty in Portuguese and J stands for her husband’s initials. Just like Bieber, Baldwin also has many tattoos with a special meaning for each.

Justin Bieber Hailey Tattoo
Justin Bieber Hailey Tattoo
Selena Gomez comparison : 
After a Broken relationship with Selena Gomez, Justin needed time to mend his heart and married Hailey. Many fans feel the Hailey Baldwin tattoo is very similar to the ring that Justin gave to Selena Gomez. Justin had an on and off relationship with Selena Gomez before marrying Hailey. Baldwin got the tattoo from Mr.k, the celebrity tattoo artist in New York. Hailey got the tattoo to declare her support for her husband who released his new album Lonely.


Tattoo culture : 

Wearing and showing off tattoos has become in thing again because Celebrities, athletes, and fashion industry professionals are getting it. Tattoos are considered to be sinful in certain cultures like Christianity because it involves a lot of pain. These symbols have a special meaning and special place in the hearts of many.

Removable and painless tattoos:

Because of the extreme popularity of tattoo, technological advances have made it removable and painless. A tattoo is an art for some, a declaration of love or love gone wrong for some. Hence opt for removable ones. Justin Bieber Hailey tattoo or celebrity tattoos are an inspiration for many.

More news on Justin Bieber: 

Meanwhile, a lady fan claims that Justin Bieber sexually assaulted her in 2014. Bieber has moved to court to establish his innocence. This incident supposedly occurred in Texas when he was dating his ex-girlfriend  Selena Gomez. Justin Bieber is right now busy with his promotions of the album Lonely.

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Justin Bieber Sexual Assault Allegations