The International pop sensation Enrique Iglesias turns 45 today. He was born on May 8 in the year 1975 in Madrid Spain to a popular Spanish singer Julio Iglesias. The multi-talented is a Spanish-Filipino singer, a model, an actor, a recorder producer and a song-writer. He is also regarded as the “King of Latin Pop”.

Enrique Iglesias started to sing as teenager itself and grew up mostly living in the city of Miami. The International star started his career in the mid-1990s and released his self-titles debut album in the year 1995 which garnered him a huge success.

By the starting of the present decade, Enrique had already sold more than sixty million copies of records worldwide and charmed most of the world with his extraordinaire talent and music performances. Some of his most famous songs include “Bailamos”, “Escape”, “Taking back my love”, “Rhythm divine”, “I like it”, “Don’t turn of the lights” and “hero” amongst a plethora more.

Enrique and his Success story 

Iglesias has had a rich taste of success and has scored over one hundred and fifty number one songs across all of the Billboard charts. He also holds the record of producing twenty seven number-one Spanish musical singles over Billboard’s Hot Latin Tracks and most number-one hits on the same chart. He also holds the most number-ones (fourteen) on Billboard’s dance charts which are higher than any other male artist. Also been titled as the fourteenth most successful and top male dance club artist of all time by the Billboard magazine. His album “Enrique Iglesias” which is a collection of light rock ballads, went on to win the Grammy award for the best Latin pop performance.

Here are some lesser known facts about the International music icon:
  • The father of the pop star Julio Iglesias was also a major sensation in Spain back in his times and was one of the best-selling Spanish singers of all time. The genes have passed down. Enrique however was keen on standing on his feet himself and hence decided to change his name to Enrique Martinez, while he sent his demo recorded tapes to music record companies as he did not desire to land over a deal because of his father’s name.
  • Enrique is also extremely successful in the Indian subcontinent. His success in India is so phenomenal that it can be reflected as a part of his official biography. He is also the largest selling International artist of all time in India with his initial two releases selling about two lakhs copies each.
  • Enrique is a drop-out from Miami University where he was studying business administration. He dropped-out in order to pursue a career in his field of interest i.e. music.
  • He has had a huge wound behind his ear which took over forty stitches to close after he had collided into a mangrove tree while skiing in water.
  • Iglesias and his team are on regular tour visits around the world and his entourage regularly play practical jokes and pranks over each other.
  • Enrique had once got his trademark mole removed from his right cheek as his doctors feared of it becoming cancerous.
  • Iglesias recorded a song together with Whitney Houston without ever physically meeting her. The duet “Could I have the kiss forever” was recorded with both the stars singing their respective parts from different continents for the original version which also appeared in Enrique’s debut English album. Both of them eventually met for a single release in the year 2000 and made up with a subsequent steamy video with great chemistry for the video record of the song.
  • Enrique has openly come to admit that he still feels anxious before conducting live performances over stage and to calm himself down, sometimes chugs in a shot of rum or two before going live.
  • Iglesias had guest-starred as an Argentinean love interest of the character Robin in season three of the hit television show “How I met your mother”. His character is named as “Gael”.
  • For an advertisement of Pepsi in the year 2004, Enrique had played the role of an evil Roman emperor. He has also appeared in other commercials including those for the brands of Tommy Hilfiger, Viceroy watches and Doritos.

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Since his last studio album release of “Sex and Love”, Enrique has continued to issue singles either on his own or in collaboration with other artists.

Enrique at present has three children with her partner since 2001. The couple had reportedly split up in October 2013 but made reconciliation and are on good terms as of now.  Iglesias is still focused over his music career and delivering his usual hits and carries humanitarian work alongside such as supporting charitable causes and social institutions and associations which work for social welfare.