His Dark Materials Season 2 Trailer Sets Up the ‘Great War’

Now, His Dark Materials Season 2 trailer sets up the ‘Great War’. HBO released the trailer for the second season yesterday. Season 2 of the series is based on the 2nd book of “The Subtle Knife” trilogy. The series is hitting the screens on November 16, 2020.

His Dark Materials Season 2 Trailer Sets Up the 'Great War'

Season 2 trailer advocates a change in the world and conveys about the forecast. The forecast implicates Lyra and Will to find themselves in a brand new world and figuring out the connection between this world and them. Meanwhile, they are being followed by adults.

The adults following our loving young ones include Lyra’s mom Marisa. Marisa will follow Lyra and Will due to the direction issued to her by Magisterium. Apart from this, the trailer also portrays Lee Scoresby following the two of them.  

On the other hand, witches will try to save Lyra because according to them, God is giving them signs that Lyra can help in the closure of the upcoming war. 

View the epic trailer of the second season:

His Dark Materials: Season 2 (Official Trailer)

About His Dark Materials:

His Dark Materials Season 2 Trailer Sets Up the 'Great War'

Produced by Bad Wolf and New Line Production, it is a fantasy drama adapted from the novel His Dark Material penned by Philip Pullman. Initially, the series was produced just for distribution to BBC One and HBO. However, later on, the team decided to release it in the international market. 

The first season of the series consisted of 8 episodes and was premiered on BBC One first and then subsequently on HBO in 2019. The 2nd season rejuvenated even before the premiere of the 1st season. The 2nd season will release with 7 episodes.

The cast of His Dark Materials:

Dafne Keen- Lyra Belacqua/ Silvertongue

Ruth Wilson- Marisa Coutler, Lyra’s mother

Amir Wilson- Will Parry

Nina Sosanya- Elaine Parry, Will’s mother

Andrew Scott- Colonel John Parry, Will’s father

Clarke Peters- The master of Jordan College

Anne- Marie Duff- Ma Costa, Gyptian woman who nursed Lyra.

Will Keen- Father MacPhail, a Magisterium official.