A Popular Animated Batman Film Just Landed on Netflix

Batman animated film just got released on Netfix. The film is based on the novel and movie The Killing Joke. | Batman | Animated series

A popular animated Batman film just landed on Netflix. The announcement of the movie was made almost 3 weeks earlier to the release.

A Popular Animated Batman Film Just Landed on Netflix

The relationship between Batman and the audience is more tempting than the war that takes place between Batman and his enemy, Joker. Since the first release of the comic, then films, video games, TV series, The Dark Knight continued his constant betrayal of demonic Clown Prince of Crime. However, the story still entertains the viewers as the two of them advocate the survival of one another. 

About the Series:

The animated Batman film that landed on Netflix is an adapted form of the novel and the movie The Killing Joke. Moreover, the Netflix movie is 77 mins long. 

The movie deals with Mr J running away from Arkham Asylum and paranoid police commissioner James Gordon. 

About Batman’s Animated Series:

It is an animated TV series built on DC Comics Superhero Batman. It found its production in Warner Bros. Animation. Moreover, Bruce Timm, Paul Dini, and Mitch Brian advanced the movie. Certainly, Batman animation formerly telecasted on Fox Kids from 1992. 

The following actors lend their voices to the following characters:

 Kevin Conroy as Bruce Wayne or Batman.

Loren Lester as Dick Grayson or Robin.

Clive Revill and Efrem Zimbalist Jr. as Alfred Pennyworth.

Bob Hastings as Commissioner James “Jim” Gordon.

Robert Costanzo as Detective Harvey Bullock.

Melissa Gilbert as Barbara Gordon or Batgirl.

Mark Hamill as The Joker.

Richard Moll as Harvey Dent or Two-Face.

John Glover as Edward Nygma or The Riddler

Adrienne Barbeau as Selina Kyle or Catwoman.

Batman indexed first on the best comic television show of all time. Following Batman, The Simpsons was ranked second. Further, to the popular view of Batman, the members came up with the idea to outline and create a Superman animated series.  

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