How Jimmy Stewart’s serving in Second World War shaped It’s a wonderful life And how world got its first Holiday movie ever.

How The Second World War shaped, It's a wonderful life, see how Jimmy Stewart's first movie after serving at world war 2 became legendary.


It’s a wonderful life!

Life was not so wonderful for Jimmy Stewart during the Second World War where he served as Flight leader. He was traumatized while filming “It’s a wonderful life”.

Serving in the Army was never an easy task. You have to be prepared for it. Especially fighting in world War is just an experience you can’t explain unless you’ve been there.

Let’s See how his experience at the war field completely shaped this movie and how it became the very first-holiday movie ever.

How Second World War shaped This movie?

As the main character in the movie is about to end his life Jimmy Stewart being the one who had a near-death experience while fighting in WWII.  He is related to this character well and given a great movie to the world.

It’s a wonderful life
It’s a wonderful life, first-ever holiday movie

How James Stewart became George Bailey despite all Trauma :

As in the movie, George Bailey is fed up with trying so hard and did everything he could to help others but all his efforts went in vain. All ready to jump off the bridge on Christmas Eve there he met a guardian Angel who showed him how he changed much life and touched many hearts.

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The biggest regret George is that he can’t fight in the Second World War as he is deaf for one year while saving his brother Harry. As this is the storyline that can relate more than Stewart, he portrayed his character really well. And played George Bailey’s character taking experiences from his life.

How It’s a wonderful life became the first-ever Holiday/ Christmas movie?

George Bailey devastated by his life wanted to end it all on Christmas Eve and then met an angel one of the fantasy movies in chrome season. As cable channels were given rights to play them whenever they want to. This has become one of the Christmas season rituals to watch it. Hence it became one of the first and most successful Christmas/ Holiday movies.

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A great movie to watch. A holiday movie tradition starter definitely worth watching.

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