How To Fix YouTube?


How to fix YouTube?

YouTube is a most used video sharing platform. It is an American application. The application was founded by the three main founders Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, Jawed Karim.

YouTube’s headquarter is located in San bruno in California. YouTube’s service was first started in February 2005. At that YouTube was one of it’s own site. But, later on Google saw the potential in the app and guessed that the application will be a huge success.

So, google bought the site in November 2006. The site was sold for US$1.65 and from then it is a subsidiary application under Google.


YouTube provides all the users the basic feature of viewing the videos, uploading the users, liking the videos of the other YouTubers, commenting on their videos, and also sharing the videos to your friends via messages, WhatsApp, Instagram or and any other application.

Annotation- people can also add up any king of annotations in their video it means a pop up text or a pop up internal or external link. But, these annotation were entirely removed from all the videos on 15th January 2019.

Live streaming- The live streaming feature is user for the real time programming. It is the live telecast from the one’s whose account is used for live streaming. Most of the big YouTubers or YouTube channels use this feature. The viewers can like and comment on their live stream and they can read their comments side by side.
World wide platform.

YouTube provides its users a world wide platform. Anybody from any part of the world can upload the stuff on YouTube and you can see it Sitting it any part of the world. Like sitting in India you can still exactly learn how to make the Sweden pancakes. This helps people learn about others cultures and about them.
And there are many more features of YouTube.

How to fix YouTube

• If you are using the YouTube application in your mobile phone and there is some trouble with your YouTube. The first and the basic idea one should try is to restart the device. Press hold the on and off button of the device and the click on the restart option.

• Check your network connectivity sometimes you can see the WiFi sign above but there is no network so go to the settings and check the network.

• Update the operating system if there is any update available. Open the settings in your device select system updates and download the update to your system if any available. Once the update is downloaded install it and reboot your device.

• Clear the cache data of the application. Press hold the icon of YouTube then click on storage there you see a clearer cache data option click on it.

• You can even try to fix this by updating the application. Go to the play store search for YouTube and update the application if any update is available.

• If you are using it on your PC try to update your browser. If your YouTube isn’t working properly you should try updating Crome.

• Again you can also try to check your network connectivity if YouTube is not functioning rightly in you computer system.

Some additional features

YouTube is one of the mostly used application on the internet today. It is not just an application used for the entertainment purpose. People also uses this for learning purpose.

Additionally, The platform helps people to learn stuff from each other.

So, Anybody can post their talents on the platform and the people who are interested it that activity will like and subscribe them. You can learn and also helps others to grow.
That was a small tutorial on how to fix Youtube.To download the application visit YouTube


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