Bella Hadid takes friends on a private jet trip.

Bella Hadid’s birthday: Its party time for its Bella Hadid’s birthday. Bella Hadid takes friends on a private jet trip. On her 24th birthday, she posted her pictures with a plane decorated with balloons and a bunch of close friends.
Adventure to Jamaica: She is taking all her lucky girl pals on an adventure to Jamaica on her private jet. She posted and tweeted her pics of having fun.

Bella’s friend list: Bella’s friend list included celebrities like Marc Jacobs, Ashley Graham, Taylor Swift, and many more famous faces.

Bella Hadid birthday look
Bella Hadid birthday look is simple
The birthday look: Birthday girl Bella was in a short-sleeved white crop top paired with light wash jeans and a matching denim jacket. She accessorized her look with a pair of black combat boots and a bunch of necklaces with seashell ready for the summer. Hadid also added a flair of color with her accessories like yellow manicure and shoulder bag.


Online shopping: For the birthday look, the jeans, denim, Tees, etc are available for the fans and followers of Bella Hadid.

Bella the supermodel: The website voted for her as the model of the year in 2016. She is an American model and was born in Washington D.C.Her mother Yolanda Hadid was a former supermodel. Bella Hadid has also studied photography in New York City in 2014. However, she dropped out of school because she became a successful model. She signed to IMG models in 2014.

Her sincere fans hope that she enjoys her birthday.

Meanwhile, Bella Hadid is also making the headlines for reuniting with her ex- Boyfriend.

Bella and The Weeknd initially split up in August 2019. They were being accused of clashing timetables. They lost the motivation behind their on/off relationship had by and by reaching a conclusion.

Bella Hadid and her ex-boyfriend The Weeknd ‘reunite’ at MTV Awards.