Wagatha Christie scandal, its been a whole year

Wagatha Christie scandal: It has been a whole year since the fight between  Coleen Rooney and Rebecca Vardy broke out on the internet. This fight is also known as the Wagatha Christie scandal. Coleen, the wife of football star Wayne Rooney shocked fans when she released a statement against her dear friend Rebecca. She accused Rebecca of selling fake stories about her to the press. In response to these allegations, Rebecca Vardy filed a court case against Coleen Roony.
Rebecca Vardy breaks down after accusations by Coleen Rooney
Rebecca Vardy breaks down after accusations by Coleen Rooney


Coleen is the new Wagatha Christie: The Twitter Fans mark one year online since this fight broke up the two friends. They also remarked Coleen Rooney is the new Wagatha Christie because of the detective work she did to frame Rebecca Vardy. Wagatha Christie memes have been floating around the internet for a long now.
The scandal: Rebecca Vardy is suing Coleen Roony for 1 million pounds. Vardy made this move to fight Rooney’s claim that she was leaking false news about the latter on the Instagram account. Coleen says she had blocked all accounts of friends and family except Vardy’s, still, the personal news leaked. Thus she concluded that Vardy is the culprit.
Rebecca the innocent: Celebrity Amanda Holden has jumped into Rebecca’s rescue. She feels that maybe Rebecca is innocent after all. Holden made his response after listening to Rebecca’s plea in the court.
Out of court settlement: Coleen is now fed up with the negative attention she is receiving because of the Wagatha Christie scandal. She is hoping for an out of court settlement soon.
Glitterati on Twitterati runs the gossip mills. These star wives of football players have become famous for rumors, gossip, and backstabbing each other. They got more limelight than their husbands.

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