Jensen And Danneel Ackles Deal with Warner Bros T.V

Superstar Jensen and Danneel Ackles deal signed with Warner Bros T.V. Jensen and his wife Danneel have recently created a Production Company and hence this exclusive multi-year deal was made.  The new company is named Chaos Machine Production and the announcement was made just as the final season of Supernatural is about to start rolling.  Supernatural star Jensen has a long-standing and quite a close relationship with Warner Brothers T.V. And has even signed to work with Supernatural creator Eric on his next project just as the series ends.

Jensen and Danneel Ackles deal with Warner Bros T.V is an extension of their long-standing relationship.  In this overall multi-year deal between Chaos Machine Production and WBTV, they will join forces to develop programs for all platforms.  Moreover, the couple has managed to snag Renee Reiff the former executive of DC. She will be the head of Development and will oversee the creative work of the company.

Jensen and Danneel


Jensen and Danneel Ackles deal with WBTV is not a very surprising phenomenon, as Jensen has been a part of Supernatural from the starting and even Danneel has also been on the show. They have made some of their best and closest friends on WBTV. So the deal is kind of an extension of these friendships. Apart from his permanent role in Supernatural Jensen has also played a part in WBTV Smallville. He was the main lead’s voice in DC animated series Batman: Under the Red Hood. You can expect to see him very soon in Prime’s: The Boys which is a project from Supernatural third season creator Eric.

His wife Danneel has also been a part of Supernatural. But she was a regular on another WBTV show: One Tree Hill for many years. She has many other big and small screen credits to her name like “Friends with Benefits”, “Retired at 35”, “Harold and Kumar”, etc. Reiff on the other hand was the executive on DC. But she is also a member on the Board of WBTV for some time and has handled a lot of their Philanthropy projects. We are looking forward to an original production from Chaos Machine Production.

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