Bored in quarantine?

While the whole world is dealing and suffering with the coronavirus outbreak. There is a lot chaos, fear, panic and stress all over. People all over the world are practicing self quarantine methods by maintaining social distance and working from home to avoid the further spread of this virus. In this whole dilemma there are some who look at the silver lining. The positive side of it. Where one is more productive, there is less human interaction and plenty of time and space left. As everyone is working from home, and not doing their daily commute to work. One has more than enough time to get back to what they enjoy and connect to family members.

Making and following a routine

The routine set of getting up, having breakfast, preparing for work and taking a shower has all gone haywire as one has to stay indoors and has plenty of time for everything. Here, one should make and follow a routine that the mind and body get used to and to utilize maximum time and be highly productive in such days of quarantine .


During times of social distancing and practicing self quarantine at home, to maintain blood circulation and adrenal rush in the body, one should follow a work out routine to stay fit, healthy and happy. As our bodies are used to staying active from getting up in the morning and leaving for work till getting back home in the evening. Many celebrities on social media have been working out at home and encouraging fans to do so as well. Whether it be basic stretching or yoga for 15 mins, there are several applications available on our phones to help us do so.

Spend time with family

A lot of us are working from home and have our work stations inside our rooms. But in the back of the mind unconsciously, we can listen to our family in the background. This is the best time to spend time, chit and chat and know our families better.

Hobbies and learning something new

With all the time left , after working, spending time with family and working out. If a little time is left, let it be for the old hobbies and interests that were left behind in this fast paced world to come out again. Whether it be painting, cooking or reading that book we couldnt take out time for. This is also the best time to pamper oneself and learn something new from YouTube or Google or the numerous applications available. To learning how to play the guitar or to learning a new language. Its never to late.

Staying indoors and cleaning our spaces

Last but not the least, it’s time to clear up the store and the chair which has a pile of clothes since months. And enjoy cleaning and helping family. A happy and clean environment brings positivity and helps get one in the right mindset to stay productive , healthy and happy.

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