Self love

Self love can often make a person feel selfish and bring a sense of guilt in our minds, in a world where we’ve been taught to put others first and before us. Often leading in striving to maintain a self love practice.The fuel to keep us working and moving forward in achieving and doing what we’ve always been taught to is understanding and prioritizing oneself in certain situations.

Self love, a term that people do not pay much attention to, comes when one pays attention and identifies ones needs and prioritizes them in their lives. It helps one ground into ones true self, accepting all flaws.

Self love vs selfishness :

It pushes one to take care of their own needs and prioritize them first for ones own personal development. Not misunderstanding it with selfishness, there is a difference. As one works and achieves towards it for, is when one celebrates and accepts the person they are. It is not selfish, instead it is about honouring, connecting and celebrating the freedom of who one truly is.

Ownership is powerful and empowering. Self love and worth is owning up to ones actions and experiences. With accepting, learning and growing from experiences rather denying them. One cannot love someone without loving themselves first, one cannot always keep giving and giving. Here one is giving out of an empty space, feeling exhausted, depleted and empty and lacking love for ourselves.

Finding a durable solution :

Looking and searching for ways to be happy and feel loved outside are all temporary and dependency. The durable and long lasting solution is to respect, accept and coddle one self just the way one is. This helps in feeling better, positive, happier and depending on ones own self for happiness, leaving behind dependency on others and other external factors bringing about more improvement, productivity and positivity.

Apply the same standard that one would do for others. Love yourself the way you love your family and friends and how they love you. Decide to be better for yourself because you deserve better. It is when you start respecting yourself that others treat you the way you treat yourself and want to be treated. Because you love yourself and want to allow yourself to live your ideal life.

To love ourselves is to know ourselves, and to know ourselves is to recognize and make note of the full spectrum of our capabilities and capacity.

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