Jared Leto to return as Joker in Snyder Cut of Justice League.

Jared Leto Snyder cut: 

Jared Leto to return as Joker in Snyder Cut of Justice League. The Oscar winner Jared Leto is coming as the clown prince of crime. Zack Snyder is remaking the Justice League in his own style and so the movie is called Snyder’s cut informally. This event series called Knightmare is releasing on HBO.

Previously Joker in Suicide squad:

Before Jared Leto Snyder Cut the act, he was the joker in the movie Suicide Squad. This David Ayer’s violent movie failed miserably but Leto was noted for his portrayal of Joker. Will Smith observes Jared Leto had undergone a tremendous transformation for this role.

 Jared Leto: 

He is an American actor, singer, songwriter, etc. Famous for movies like My so-called life, How to Make an American Quilt, The Thin Red Line, Blade Runner 2049. Leto is also the executive producer of the Snyder cut TV series, apart from acting in joker’s role.

Knightmare the story: 

It’s the Lengthy conflict that occurred between Superman and Batman in the future. Batman wishes to overthrow the tyrannical rule of Superman. He sends a future version of Flash to warn the past version of Batman. Superman may ultimately prevail. Batman’s anger and emotions against Superman come out of the loss of his friend. Superman is wearing black in the series.

 Batman’s Knightmare: 

The Knightmare is the vision of the future that comes to Batman, in a dream. This segment features a rougher and older Batman in the ruins of earth. The forces of Akoplips, capture, and transform the earth into a wasteland. Superman is the ruler of the para-demons in this wasteland.

Snyder cut is finally happening:

After a lot of battling and crowdfunding, The Snyder Cut of Justice League is finally happening. HBO is paying Zack Snyder to finish his version of the story.

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