Jeff Bridges announces he has Lymphoma

Jeff Bridges lymphoma 2
Jeff Bridges announces he has Lymphoma
Jeff Bridges Lymphoma

Jeff Bridges announces he has Lymphoma.  Bridges declared on social media that he has lymphoma and that a team of good doctors is taking care of him. Jeff says his progress is good. He thanked fans, family, and friends for their support.

Jeff Bridges announces he has Lymphoma
Jeff Bridges announces he has Lymphoma


It is a cancer of the immune system. Cancer starts attacking infection-fighting cells called lymphocytes. The Lymph nodes, bone marrow, spleen, etc have these cells. In this type of cancer, lymphocytes start growing uncontrollably.

Jeff Bridges

He is an American singer, actor, producer, from a renowned family. Jeff was famous for the movie Crazy Heart. He also won an Oscar award for the movie, Big Lebowski. Bridges also liked to play the piano and guitar. He also loved photography and narrating documentaries. Because he studied Buddhism, he also knows meditation. He is an active practitioner of it.

Personal life and Philanthropy

Jeff married Susan Geston and has 3 daughters with her. Because he is a generous man, he supports many charities. The most prominent ones are the End Hunger Network which is President Obama’s initiative to feed hungry children. He is also an activist and supports environmentalists organizations like The Amazon Conservation Team.

Jeff Bridges Lymphoma

Jeff has not revealed the type of or the site of lymphoma. He has faith in his doctors. Bridges has promised his fans that he will keep them posted. He was also planning to contest for the presidential election and urges his fans to vote.

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