Kelly Osbourne shows off her 85 Pound Weight Loss.

Kelly Osbourne Weight loss: Kelly Osbourne shows off her 85 Pound Weight Loss. She revealed her weight loss on Instagram and podcasts. She achieved weight loss because she had surgery like Gastric sleeve surgery, 2 years back.

Kelly Osbourne: A British actress, model, singer, and fashion designer. She won an Emmy award for appearing in The Osbournes with her family. Kelly also presented the show Fashion Police.

The new Kelly Osbourne
The new Kelly Osbourne- slimmer and with purple hair

The procedure: Gastric sleeve surgery is a procedure for those who have not lost weight in spite of years and years of diet and exercise.  It is a procedure for those who are obese with a BMI of more than 40(BMI stands for Body Mass Index). This procedure entails the surgeon removing certain parts of your stomach and joining some parts. The result is a small (1/10th of your stomach) banana-like pouch.

The reason for Kelly Osbourne Weight Loss: People started criticizing kelly for her weight after she was in the show Osbournes. Being the daughter of the star Ozzy Osbourne, she was a public figure. She could not digest the harsh comments from her fans. Kelly lost her self esteem and took to Vicodin. She had to go to rehab twice for the same. So, she decided to lose weight.

lost weight gained happiness: She has won the admiration of many fans. Kelly is happy showing off her purple hair and trimmed body. The journey from body shaming to body positivity is a difficult one. Though kylie had to resort to surgery, she is much happier and lighter now.

So How to lose weight? : Exercise, Diet, and Reduce stress is a simple mantra for losing your weight. Exercise releases endorphins, the happy hormones, and helps you to remain stress-free apart from other benefits. If you are planning to diet along with exercise, don’t go in for fad diets. Meditation and 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep will do wonders for body and mind.

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