Jane Weaver streams new single The Revolution Of Super Visions

The Revolutions of Super Visions: Jane Weaver streams new single The Revolution Of Super Visions. Everyone is exhausted with social media, inequality and the planet is dying. Because of all this, the song like Revolution just happened accidentally. It happens when all people have the same ideals and something like supernatural occurs. The song is streaming via the free Bandcamp app.

Jane Weaver: She is an English singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Weaver runs record label Bird. Jane is a part of the Britpop group, kill Laura, The Folktronica project, Misty Dixon, and also a solo artist.

Jane Weaver the musician
Jane Weaver the musician

Modern Kosmology: Jane weaver (2017). Highly energetic pop songs form a part of the album Modern Kosmology. It is one of the famous, older works of the artist Jane Weaver. The songs  had a renewed level of magnetism

The album Flock: This song is a part of the album Flock. Jane says that she has not ventured into something like this. It is funky, catchy, and has pop music.weaver wanted to show off her most genuine side in the song like wit, kindness, humor, and glamour. This album is special for Weaver because it’s the first full-length work for her. Watch out for the show.

Uk tour dates: Jane weaver has announced a string of UK tours to promote her song The Revolution Of Super Visions and the album Flock in January 2021. weaver is excited and out of the earth’s gravitational pull. These concerts, support acts are going to happen in Manchester city of the UK.

Other artists: Meanwhile Other artists like Nikki Minaj and 6ix9ine collaborate for another single TROLLZ. Both artists have a colorful personality. The fans are eagerly awaiting the release as  Nikki Minaj is a powerful female rap artist in the world. Whereas 6ix9ine  is also famous for his rap style.Lets hope for a blast from this collab.

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