Lucille Ball’s only granddaughter dies at 31

Lucille Ball’s granddaughter dies at 31: Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz’s only great-granddaughter, Desiree Anzalone, 31, dies of breast cancer. Julia Arnaz, her mother confirms the tragic news. Desiree had stage 4 breast cancer.

Julia Arnaz is heartbroken: Julia is the granddaughter of Lucille Ball and Desiree is her only daughter. She says Desiree was a very special little girl and that she was a miniature of herself. They were very good friends and still are. Desiree died peacefully in the Smilow Cancer Center in September 2020. It was impossible to watch her daughter die because of cancer while she lived on.
Lucille Ball: An iconic American actress, comedian, model, and producer famous for shows like I Love Lucy, The Lucy Show, Life with Lucy, and so on.
Desiree Anzalone: Lucille Ball’s granddaughter Desiree was in love with 60’s and 70’s music and art. She was an artist and also enjoyed writing songs, poetry, and playing the piano. Her father remembers her playing the guitar with him. The multitalented Desiree was also a good singer, photographer, and model. She loved animals and people but most of all she loved life.
Desiree Anzolan dies at 31
Desiree Anzalone dies at 31 due to stage 4 breast cancer
Desiree’s illness: Breast cancer had spread to her bones, liver, and lungs. The Doctors were expecting her to live till the month of December but she couldn’t make it through. Her tumors were getting bigger and there was fluid in her heart. In spite of multiple surgeries the fluid returned.

She lives on through her work for her mother:  her work on her website majorly features portraits because Desiree was a photographer by profession. Julia feels that Desiree had many talents and was an extremely smart girl. It’s unbelievable for her that she died so young.

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