Queen’s Birthday Honours: Why This Year It’s Special?

Queen’s Birthday Honours

Queen’s Birthday Honours List Released

Queen’s Birthday Honours list just release. This year the list is very significant. Hundreds of COVID warriors this year made it to the list. The list itself tells the hardship of the COVID warriors.

Though the list every year release sometime in June, this year it delayed because of the ongoing pandemic COVID-19. Queen’s Birthday Honours is a recognization given every year to the people who have a great contribution to the development of the UK.

Corona Warriors Made It To The List

And this year no one but the COVID warriors deserves the honor. Footballer Marcus Rashford who fights his best in the pandemic and made sure every child gets nutritious food in Britain is also on the list.

Joe Wicks contributed a lot to the pandemic by boosting up the mental spirit of the children. He through his online video courses made sure all children remain to boost up during the crisis.

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Along with these two warriors, many others who fought tirelessly against the pandemic made it to the Queen’s Birthday Honours. This is the most anticipated and deserving list by the British Government.

Lady Leshurr who earlier awarded with British Empire Madel for her viral coronavirus song also is on the list. She expresses her gratitude to the Queen and overwhelmed by the Honour.

A Recognization To All The Corona Warriors

This year 1495 people from all sections are selected for the prestigious honor. And the corona warriors made it to the top of the list. Also, the minority ethnic background for their selfless work during COVID will be honored.

Queen’s Birthday Honours
Queen’s Birthday Honour

All the hard work will pay off in Queen’s Birthday Honours. And people from a different background who had a great contribution to the pandemic course will receive the UK’s most prestigious honor.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson conveys his gratitude towards the warrior and congratulates them for the Honour.