‘iCarly’ First Two seasons now streaming on Netflix

iCarly is on Netflix:

Finally, Nickelodeon’s 2007 Teenage comedy show iCarly is on Netflix And fans are more than happy. However, only 2 seasons are available as of now. This was one of the shows with the highest rating on nicks. So let’s find out more about this nostalgic show. And where to watch the rest of the seasons.

iCarly synopsis:

iCarly is the show that mainly focuses on web shows based on Carly’s life. It all started when Carly and her friends auditioning for their school’s talent program. One of their friend Freddy records it and uploads on internet. Now Carly and friends are an overnight internet sensation. Now Carly has to maintain this reputation while creating quality content for her web show. In which obviously her friends help her.

As she creates web shows there are many celebrity guest appearances including one direction. Now that the First two seasons of iCarly is on Netflix, it will surely increase its viewers.

Why iCarly became so popular?

iCarly was so famous that when Netflix broke this news Twitter started to trend some tweets are as follows:

But why do you think it’s this popular? Some people will definitely quote that because it has many high profile celebrity guest appearances. Well, we partially agree to that but one of the major reason for its success is that iCarly was one of the first show that actually talked about the life of internet celebrities. If we say it has shown reality, how famous you can really get via the internet 13 years back when YouTuber or influencer was not even a term.

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When iCarly is coming on Netflix?

iCarly is on Netflix
iCarly is on Netflix

Now! You can stream iCarly Now on Netflix, from the 8th of February 2021 iCarly is on Netflix.

How many seasons of iCarly are available on Netflix?

As per Netflix, there are two seasons available as of now. But Netflix has merged season 2 and season 3, So that makes a total of 3 seasons.

How to watch all seasons of iCarly?

iCarly is on Netflix But only 2-3 seasons are available, so how to watch the rest of the seasons. All 6 seasons of iCarly is available on Amazon for purchase, And you can watch it on all CBS access.

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