India has been testing plasma therapy on patients severely affected by coronavirus who was shifted to ICU (intensive care unit) in Delhi hospitals. while the plasma therapy was first tested on largely affected patients, the results that came out were slightly positive .as these patients have been shifted to regular wards and symptoms have been reduced

Plasma therapy works while the patients who have been treated and have lost any sign of infection, as a result, their immune system make antibodies to recover the system from further future infections, and these anti-bodies are then taken out through blood and separated into plasma and blood components, while the plasma is held for the infected patients, so they are given to them in order to boost their immunity through an outside antibody, the remaining blood component is injected back into the veins of the donor.

the test was only permitted in LNJP hospital, Delhi for serious patients and they were successful for plasma therapy .the most infected communities was the Tablighi  Jamati Muslims who were shifted to Sultanpuri quarantine centers who are now tested negative and while 300 of them have recovered and are now donating plasma to help other patients, they were one of the “SUPER SPREADERS” have stabilized now.

Karnataka has already begun clinical trials for plasma therapy for criticallyill patients as well as Madhya Pradesh .no vaccine has been available yet which gave scientists to explore more options in treating illness, all 19 patients who were tested upon have now recovered, which is a successful attempt.

all the states of India have started their trials for Plasma therapy as one donation from one person can produce two doses of blood is estimated that an infected patient only needs one transfusion .convalescent plasma therapy has turned out to be a lifesaver for the CVOID19 scare.

the government has been requesting patients who have recovered from coronavirus to donate anti-bodies for other patients and the aid is progressing in India

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