Infosys Launches ‘Summer Of Ideas’

Infosys- one the top most Information Technology (IT) company launches ‘Summer Of Ideas’. It is an online learning initiative and opportunity too. IT companies are growing rapidly. The ‘Summer Of Ideas’ is powered by Infosys Wingspan. The wingspan is a next-generation learning solution which accelerates organization growth. It will enhance the knowledge, learning and skills of university students across the world. Launching such a big programme surely bring a great change in future. The innovations and ideas of the young generation are splendid. On 11 June 2020 Infosys notification boomed about this online learning. Hence, the aim is to redefine the learning experience for university students globally. It is an 8-week Ideathon to collaborate with students worldwide.

Further, the program will have approximately 2000 participants. They will be divided into five groups and work on the basis of interesting themes. Infosys officials tweeted, “Infosys ‘Summer of ideas’, powered by #Wingspan initiative, will extend its support and enhance the #onlinelearning experience for thousands of students during these unprecedented times.” COO of Infosys U.B. Pravin Rao said,” The Infosys Summer of Ideas will deliver purposeful summer learning opportunity for students impacted by this pandemic.” This idea of program prevailed due to current situation led by Covid-19.

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About Infosys

Undoubtedly, it is the global and top second-largest Indian IT company. The headquarters is at Bangalore, Karnataka. The company comes under the industry of IT services and IT consulting. It provides services worldwide in various fields like IT services, Outsourcing, Consulting, Managed services. Approximately, more than 200000 employees work under this company. Generating billion amount of revenue and operating income is helping the growth of the Indian economy.

In 2019, the company was winner of the United Nations Global Climate Action Award in ‘Climate Neutral Now’ category. Therefore, after Tata Consultancy Services it acquires the position of wealth and wide network. Moreover, Google and Alphabets like big giants across the globe ready to coordinate with Indian IT companies. Infosys is one of them. So, we can say it is the biggest giant in India. Growing its reach in other corners of the world.

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Themes, Background and Academic Level

As per the notification, there will be five groups and with 10 themes. Those 10 themes are based on new related technologies. For instance, Internet of things, Cyber Security, Blockchain and much more. Visit the official site of Infosys to get detail information about these terms. Also, the company bring opportunity for students of all backgrounds and all academic levels like Business, Technology, Liberal Arts etc. The mentors of the company will train and support the students for learning and gaining confidential knowledge. Infosys Wingspan has an application which provides detailed content. The skilful and unskillful all will be treated equally. This will allow students well access over technology. The connection with digital learning soon makes them extraordinary.

Pravin Rao (Chief Operating Officer, Infosys), Professor Gonzalo Garland Hilbck (Executive Vice President, Strategic Partnerships, IE University), Thomas Finholt (Dean of the University of Michigan, School of Information) and Dr Mathew J. Palakal (Senior Executive Associate Dean of Indiana University) talked about ‘Summer of Ideas’. So, do visit the site and read:

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