InfyTQ , HackWithInfy And TCS Codevita 2020 Interview Questions Preparation | Set of Total 40 Question

InfyTQ Interview: Infosys Certification Examination is an online test conducted by Infosys every year since 2019. InfyTQ gives an open platform to every engineering third-year student all across India, where students irrespective of their branch can participate and earn certification and job opportunities from Infosys.

Interview Date: Infytq interviews are being held from September 11, 2020.

A Student shared interview experience with one our of Journalists-

Interview started with identity verification. There were two people, one was host and other was interviewer. I had internet issues in the start and at times couldn’t hear him properly during the interview so he wrote some questions on the chat section. I was asked to introduce myself in the start on the basis of technical internship, programming language, my interests and extras.

Following was the flow of questions:
1. How long have you been using python
2. What did you find interesting in python
3. Question in python to implement an invoices program. I started to code but it was consuming time to open the editor and frame the program so he asked me the approach.
4. Approach for nearest palindrome to the input palindrome number.
5. Design a database for railway reservation system on the basis of source, destination, distance, coach type, train etc.
6. Why do you want to join Infosys?
7. Where is NLP implemented as it’s my project technology
8. Any questions for us;

I asked two questions regarding commencement of training and the technology that we are going to work upon.
Interview only happened for 1 hour and Mr. Avinash was my interviewer as I could see his name on webex.

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Table of Contents

 TOTAL of 40 HR Interview Questions

1.What are you passionate about? What did you do to achieve it?

I was passionate to be a speaker and to anchor shows. There is a club in the college for the ones interested in speaking. I joined that club, didn’t eat lunch to attend the meetings in the recess where we had debates, group discussions and role plays and worked hard with the teacher heading the club. Gradually as I became better, I was given shows to anchor. I watched more of TED videos and tried talking to people in groups. My enhanced skills got me more functions to host and then one fine day I was known to be the best speaker in the college.

Infytq Interview

  1. What are the challenges one faces as a leader?

I think motivating people to get them together for the common aim is what a leader needs to work the hardest on. An unexpected change in the method of doing a task is also a problem a leader faces. People are at times too adamant to welcome change and there is a vision to be given by the leader to the team so that they can go smooth in process of change.

  1. What is your short term and long term goal?

My long term goal is to be a successful engineer and a perfectionist when it comes to my work. I would like to grow in Infosys and be promoted with the efforts I put in. My short term goal is to learn everyday and let there not be a single day when I don’t learn anything; be it additional computer languages, something to do with the technology or learning the art of leadership and communication while working in the team I would be allotted.

  1. Let’s have some discussion about your hobbies. Which one is your favorite & why? What does it teach you?

Sample Answer 1: My hobby is watching English movies and that for sure helps me communicate better. The way they deliver the best of their dialogues, one really gets to know how native speakers speak. It helps me improve my pronunciation as well.

Sample Answer 2: My hobby is photography and it has given me a skill to have an in depth understanding of every situation. As one does it, one analyzes every bit of the scene that one captures so photography has made my mind even more analytical and my mind captures every minute detail of the work that I do.

Infytq Interview

  1. Why are you not pursuing your hobby as your career?

Sample 1: Hobby helps me relax after working hard with technology and gadgets. I cannot do it full time. It’s only a way to ease the work related stress. I don’t find my hobby challenging enough to keep me going.

Sample 2:  I am passionate about technology. That was the reason it was B.Tech and not a diploma in my hobby. Hobby is like the dessert we can enjoy for a while but cannot take it in the main course.

  1. Tell me one real time situation where you have emerged as a Leader?

I participated in a Debate/ Competition and we were on the verge of losing and the team members were feeling exhausted. I talked to everyone and tried motivating them first. Then in the time left, we made a strategy and  were able to secure not first but the second position. I led from the front, and made our victory possible with the help of all the team members.

  1. What makes you stand out against all the other candidates?

Sample 1: I think all other candidates would also be good. But other than my technical skills, I can work with utmost diligence. I was a member of the xyz club and I worked day and night to get more members and making the club popular in the college. I am target oriented when it comes to working and meeting deadlines. I have strong technical skills and I am a team player. I know how to handle situations, work with people without letting anyone feel left out.

Infytq Interview

Sample 2: I am sure if Infosys has shortlisted candidates they would all be good. But other than having strong coding / programming/ technical skills, I have a strong sense of time management. I can prioritize my tasks well and know what is important and urgent and what is less important and not urgent.

  • Describe yourself. / Tell us something about
  • Academics : 10th, 12th and Tech
  • Internship
  • experience if any
  • technical skills
  • project


  1. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

I see myself working with Infosys at a higher position. Infosys would give me exposure to new technologies and the emerging market. Infosys has always attracted new clients and would attract even more, so being with Infosys is like growing as the company grows.

Infytq Interview

  1. What is your biggest achievement till now?

  • Project
  • Award
  • Hackathon
  1. Tell us about your ultimate goal in

My ultimate goal is to rise high in an IT firm like Infosys and be satisfied of having worked well and to the best of my efforts. I would like to be known in Infosys to have been a supporting pillar to the organization. Rising high with my efforts and innovative ideas is what I seek as the ultimate goal of my life.

  1. Discuss the most stressful situation you’ve faced in college

It was the exams approaching and I lost a few of my class work registers. I didn’t have notes to study. I could not have understood what others wrote and then I had to sit in the library to study everything from the books. I was stressed but I managed my way out by realizing that studying from books is always an option we have.

  1. What personal attributes do you have that will help you succeed in the work place?

My ability to work cordially with the people around would help me succeed. I may be new to something but if I have the right attitude I can always learn. A positive attitude towards my work and towards my colleagues and seniors would help me succeed in the work place.

Infytq Interview

  1. You had to wait for more than 5 hours for the interview. Are you feeling tired?

Sir, My College  has trained us to sit day long for lectures and waiting gave me time to think more about what I can speak when I am there to face the interview. I read a little on my mobile and settled my nervousness. So waiting wasn’t that big of an issue. Also, being interviewed at Infosys is worth the wait.

  1. What is your father’s occupation? What is his job location?

My father is an advocate and he practices in Delhi.

  1. Would you be comfortable leaving Kanpur for Infosys?

Sir I would be comfortable going anywhere for Infosys. It has been my dream organization for long and travelling would also not be a trouble.

  1. Who is your role model? What have you incorporated in your life from him/her?

Sample 1: My role model is my mother. She has been a homemaker and has run a business from home. I have learnt multi tasking from her. She has grown in that business by coming up with new plans and strategies for every problem that she faced. I learnt to tackle problems with ease and coming up with a way out than being upset about them.

Sample 2:  My role model has been my father who started from the scratch and has reached heights in his job. He was not well versed with technology but today he operates his system, his accounts on Tally and some of the complicated gadgets with ease. He captured the market by making his product better than what his competitors had. I learnt that one should grow by learning new things and keeping an eye on the competitors and being better than what they provide.

  1. Are you willing to relocate?

That would never be a trouble sir. I would be happy to relocate to work with Infosys. Had it been some other company, I might have given it a second thought but anything for Infy.

  1. What salary do you expect?

I would be happy with the package that the company has offered and informed the college about. It’s a good package to begin one’s career with.

  1. Describe your management style?

I believe that every employee or colleague if motivated well can work towards the aim of the organization. I don’t seek much of external motivation as I am self-motivated but it does act as a lubricant making the functioning easy…

Infytq Interview

  1. Are you a team player?

Working with a team is always better than working alone. One gets a lot many ideas and dividing the work always makes it simpler.

Give your experiences as a team player. (Game/ Competition)

  1. How would you be an asset to our organization? / What are strengths

  • I am a team player
  • I am adaptive
  • I am dependable
  • I am self-motivated
  • I am organized
  • I have gregarious and I can work well with any group
  • I am Optimistic
  • I am energetic and indefatigable
  • I have always been persistent
  • I can influence people/ I can convince people
  • I have the gift of the gab
  • I have leadership skills
  1. What if there is an important function in your family, let’s say your parent’s marriage anniversary which has been decided to be celebrated with a party at your place? On the same date you have a deadline of a project. How would you handle the situation?

I would first want to finish the project and then if I have time left I would take a flight to my place. I know my parents would understand but the client won’t. So we will have to cater to the client first.

  1. Do you have an offer from any other organization?

Not as of now but I would want to get an offer from Infosys so that I don’t have to apply elsewhere.

infytq hr

  1. How would you describe your college life?

It was a mix bag of studying and enjoying. I got to study from the best of the faculty members and got a lot of opportunities to enhance my programming / Technical skills (Give examples). I participated in a number of extracurricular activities (give examples) which made me confident and eligible to be a part of this interview. I was in the sports club which kept me rejuvenated and active and thus helped me concentrate better. We had all kinds of celebrations and functions which never made studies boring.

Infytq Interview

  1. What are your weaknesses? What are you doing to overcome your weaknesses? / Do you have any blind spots?

I am organized at times but I see that I keep a diary handy to prioritize work and I clean my study table regularly so that I know what I have to focus on.

I fumble a bit while speaking before a large audience. I have tried overcoming it by taking more opportunities to speak before groups. I at times catch hold of people during family functions and tell them something or the other about programming or the technical knowledge that I have. This has booted my confidence.

  1. Are you ready to handle a team under pressure? How would you manage your team

I think pressure is everywhere in every situation. We have deadlines and we have to work towards one or the other goal on a daily basis. I would welcome such challenges and let the team members know that there is nothing better than getting used to work under constant pressure and handle the situation with cool and not getting disturbed.

Once the pressure gets over, one is immune to such pressure and can work with perfection when put under a similar condition again.

  1. Do you get puzzled under pressure?

We get puzzled when we lose our cool. The got puzzled the first time I was under the pressure of exams but then I learnt to handle it and was easy even under pressure. It didn’t lower my pace and in fact I worked faster to achieve what I had to.

Infytq Interview

  1. Why do you think you are fit for our company (Infosys)?

I am well versed with programming and have knowledge of programming languages like : A, B, C, etc. I have the patience to work hard to meet the project deadlines and I am positive when given to challenging situations. I can work for extended hours if needed and know how to manage time without being upset or getting disturbed.

  1. What do you know about Infosys? / Why have you applied at Infosys? / Tell us about the company and its positioning as compared to its competitors?

Infosys  Limited (formerly Infosys  Technologies  Limited)  is  an  Indian multinational   corporation that   provides business   consulting, information   technology and outsourcing services.    It    has    its    headquarters   in Bengaluru, Karnataka, India.

Infosys is the second-largest Indian IT company by 2017 revenues

Infosys is a service based company and not a product based company(barring a few products like Finacle). Hence the technology used in a project is controlled by the respective clients.

There are many technologies used by Infosys. SAP, Oracle, Python, AI, Java, .Net, CIS, Big Data, SQL, Data stage, Cognos , SSIS, SSRS, node, Ruby etc. Since Infosys is a service based company, there are many clients from Russia, China, USA, France, Mexico etc. So every project has different technology and that technology has different branches. For example oracle is a unit, its branches are oracle base, oracle fmw, oracle apps, oracle BI etc.

  1. Why this college and this stream?

“College Name”  is a renowned college not only in Kanpur but in the entire country now. It has recently been ranked 3rd by Dr. APJ AKTU University, the university it is affiliated to. It has been known for its infrastructure, discipline, labs, practical way of imparting lectures and placements.

Why this stream: Specific to the student.

  1. Tell me how was your online test?

It went well. I was quite confident I would make it. My favorite was Verbal as I like to read on a regular basis. Reading has enhanced my command over English language and my ability to comprehend what I read.

  1. If there is a conflict in your team over a decision you come to and what your colleague has come to, how would you resolve it?

I would like to know his logic behind his decision and then would present my logic to him. It might help resolve it. But if there is still a tiff, I would take his permission to involve the team members to it and decide with their experience.

Infytq Interview

  1. What if the team is divided over the decision to be taken?

I would seek help of our immediate senior as it’s not something personal but for the common goal we would all be working for.

  1. What is positive attitude?

Attitude is the way one looks at things. Positive attitude is looking at the glass half full and the opportunity to fill it to the limit. I have seen people losing heart over small troubles (which actually are not even troubles). Positive attitude is that let me learn from a challenge and let me not repeat it the mistakes that led me to the hot waters. Also, once we get used to challenges, we make ourselves eligible for higher responsibilities. Challenges make us tolerant.

  1. What is your idea of growth?

Growth for me is working at a place, getting to know people, working with ease and then improve every day. Then giving better results and proving oneself to be responsible enough for higher responsibilities.

  1. What do you expect from this job?

I expect to be trained a bit about my job and then to be given new challenges. I wish to learn what I don’t know and to be able to do my work well. It would widen my horizons and would give me a bigger picture of life.

  1. If you come from other branches than CSE and IT why do you seek career other than from your branch? / Do you really think as a mechanical engineer you can work in IT field?

  • Learning ability
  • Companies require diverse talent
  • Infosys has Interdisciplinary projects
  1. Where do you rate yourself (out of 10) as an engineer?

I would rate myself at 6 as there is always some scope to learn. If I say I am at 10, I would be too pleased with myself and would stop learning. The journey has just started. My confidence to say 6 comes from my:

  • Marks
  • Project
  • Workshops
  • Certificates
  • Internship
  • Guest lectures,
  • Expert lectures
  • Co curricular activities
  1. One thing that you would like to change about Your Collage.

The college has almost everything keeping the student and his success in mind. I don’t think there is anything that should be changed.

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