Iran has announced an ease in restrictions since April 11,2020. since the start of Pandemic Iran has been facing alarming death rate which has killed more than 4,300 people in the country. government officials have opened the offices outside the capital of the country, Tehran and two-third (2/3)of the workers have been attending offices and the remaining are working from home, while the confirmed cases in Iran has reached to 70,000 and 40,000 have recovered as reported by the Iran health ministry

for weeks Iran has refused to impose a complete lockdown in the country and this negligence of the government has caused the death to take a toll as warnings by other middle eastern countries were refused. The United States of America has offered to help in aid of the CVOID-19 but Iran has refused the help and is demanding the U.S to lift the sanction .

although the experts have been warning the government about a severe infection the government has been focusing on the economy instead due to which the death has increased up to 5,000.

UN (united nations) has also asked Iran to release the political prisoners as the chance of infection is high in response to which Iran has temporarily released 100,00 prisoners but is still detaining many on security charges of dual nations which are probably being held for future negotiation.

the government has also added 20,000 beds across the country with the help of military .inter-city travels as well as international travels have also been banned .the essential business starts after the NOWRUZ holiday from 5th April .the women who have young children were given priority in deciding who works remotely.the business also have to be registered to the local authority and follow the rules of social distancing.

authorities have tried to defend themselves by considering the economic condition the country and any quarantine measures would directly impact the U.S sanction.


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