Is Australia’s life really good when compared to India?

Australia is approximately 7,741,220 sq km, while India is approximately 3,287,263 sq km, which makes Australia 135% larger than India. People of both countries pay taxes. As compared to India, Australia is safe, clean air and water. But Indians food is much better and cheaper. Furthermore, India is not safe and you can’t earn money as much compared to Australia.  Australia is better due to the lack of strict traditional rules and regulations imposed on every member of the society, unlike India.

Currency Value

 The currency of Australia is much higher than the currency of India. The currency of Australia is the Australian Dollar. On the other hand, the Indian rupees are the currency of  India. The symbol of Indian rupees can be written  Rs and IRs. Whereas  AUD can be written  A$, Au$, Aud$, $Au, $Aud,$Aus, and Aus$. The Indian Rupees is divided into 100 paise and the Australian Dollar is divided into 100 cents. A large number of  Indian rupees is demonstrated in lakh rupees or crore rupees. Australian Dollar was last updated on April 14, 2020, and 1 dollar of Australia is 48.16 rupees in India.  

 Education in Australia and India

 Education in Australia is top quality.  Students do the concepts practically and then learn the theory part. This is an excellent method to gain knowledge about the concept. , That’s why students in abroad are good at identifying any of the problems. Indian education is based on examination and gives importance to the theory part. The degrees from Australia are recognized throughout the world. A graduate from Australia is successful in finding jobs. They do not only offer the best available facilities, but they also offer a wide range of courses that suitable for anyone and everyone.

 Living Expenses

The living cost of living in Australia is considered too high compared to India. The factors i.e. your city, place and living preference largely impact the same. For example, the cities, such as Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney are costly as compared to the countryside areas. The cost of groceries, restaurants, house rent, etc. everything is too high when compared to India. Furthermore, your salary is much higher compared to India’s.

 Work Culture                                                                                                                

Australia has a significantly different method of working. People work during a typical day will differ between each country. In Australia, people typically engage in eight-hour workdays similar to what people in the west use. Meanwhile, Indians people are known to work for ten to twelve hours a day. The huge difference in work culture is that Australia promotes decent work and family balance. However, this concept is still far- fetched.

 From my point of view, Australia is better than India. In spite of this, we can not deny the fact about India that many people from other countries want to invest in the Indian market due to the high growth and large market.

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