Is Thar Dessert Perfect for Camping?

The best adventurous vacation, from which one will always appreciate the memories, may involve camping in the Rajasthani desert and going on a camel safari trip. Camel Safari in the Thar Desserts’ dunes is a tour that will take you to small desert towns where you will view the ruins of historic structures and monuments and also get a taste of the culture and way of life of the colorful Rajasthani people who live in the harsh desert environment.

Where is the Thar Desert?

The Thar Desert is the largest desert in India and the 18th largest desert in the world. From the north to the west, it is spread across 5 states in India, the majority of which is in Rajasthan, home to Jaisalmer Thar Desert National Park.

The Thar desert is one of the best places to visit in Jaisalmer, and it also serves as a natural border with the nearby nation of Pakistan. The Thar desert camp experiences and camel safaris make up the majority of Jaisalmer tourism.

Things to do in Thar Desert while Camping!

A Desert Camp Overnight Stay

One of the best things to do in Rajasthan’s Thar Desert must be to stay in one. Since this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Forget the luxuries that cities provide. And stay in one of these desert camps for one night in the middle of nowhere. You can’t properly experience the Thar desert if you constantly stay in hotels. You may observe all the preparations they make for their town’s water facilities and transportation while camping in the Thar Desert.

Jeep Desert Safari

This might be your first activity in Thar Desert Camping if you enjoy the adventure. You may drive by yourself if you have the appropriate SUV with you, or you can rent a Jeep or SUV to explore the beautiful desert. This could be the best rollercoaster experience you’ve ever had.

A Camel Ride

The most appealing thing you can do at Jaisalmer’s Golden Sand Dunes is a camel safari. The Camel Safari in the sand dunes is the most amazing experience since it provides beautiful scenery of dawn early in the morning, which makes it the ideal setting for taking pictures. After a camel safari in the evening, enjoy a fun overnight stay in the desolate dunes with a well-prepared camp set up and a bonfire. One of the unique experiences is cooking dinner over a campfire.


Again, if you enjoy exploring new places, camping in the Thar Desert should be at the top of your list. Parasailing allows you to experience the world from a different view. The vast stretches of sand might provide you with an unbroken view of far horizons because the sky is typically clear. While parasailing in the heart of the Thar Desert, you’ll feel like a free bird.

Seeing the stars

When was the last time you had the chance to look up at the dazzling stars in a clear sky? Since there is nothing that compares to the sensation of laying under a starry night sky. So don’t pass up the opportunity. Include stargazing on your list of things to do when camping in the Thar Desert.


With your outstanding photography skills, you’ll have many opportunities to explore the Thar desert. There are also some stunning photographs that you may try your hand at, like the dawn and sunset over the sand dunes, the star sky, camels with the backdrop of the sand dunes, and, most importantly, everyone dressed in the local dress.

Final Say!

If you don’t spend time in the desert camping, what good is going to Rajasthan if you don’t experience nomadic life? One of the most memorable camping trips you’ll ever do is in the Thar Desert. One passion is thoroughly examining the wildlife of Rajasthan while learning more about its rich culture and traditions.

A memorable experience is staying in tents in the middle of a wide desert, taking in traditional dance performances, and enjoying music by a campfire. One in a million possibilities exist to be pleased and take advantage of such an occasion, and Rajasthan is the best place to do so.


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