James Van Der Beek Texas: James and Kimberly Brook moving to Texas.

James Van Der Beek Texas: James Van Der Beek and Kimberly Brook moving to Texas. The 43-year-old actor is moving his family to Texas from Los -Angeles. His family consists of  5 children, with his wife Kimberly. Jame’s spouse Kimberly says they want to be closer to nature which is impossible in the busy city.

James Van der Beek and family, closer to nature in Texas.

Turbulent Life: The loss of his wife’s two late-term pregnancy caused a period of turbulence in his life. This motivated him to move his family to a safer place. They came strong as a family after the tragic miscarriages and decided to move to their new home in Texas.

  Social media: Whatever happened with Kimberly was every parent’s nightmare. James shared their ordeal with fans on social media and on Instagram. The details were heartbreaking. They are still mourning the loss.

James Van Der Beek: He is famous for portraying Dawson Leery in the web series Dawson’s Creek and also for his fictionalized version of himself in Don’t Trust The B—–.He won an MTV movie award for the Varsity Blues.

Previously he was married to Heather McComb and after separating, he married his business consultant Kimberly Brook.

The Next Big adventure for James Van Der Beek Texas. James feels that moving away from LA to Texas will bring him closer to nature and it’s like an adventure for the whole family. More importantly with the change in venue, he hopes that his wife will forget all the pain of her recent miscarriages. The family is hoping for new beginnings.

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