PBS Comes With Van Der Valk

PBS just release the crime thriller, Van Der Valk. The series has only 3 parts and 90 minutes per episode. It is one of the best series relesed by PBS recently.

The series is going to air weekly on Sunday and end with only e episodes. The crime thriller based on Nicholas Freeling’s novel. In the frist episode in the show there are certain flows and are acceptable. Fans hope for a better experience in the upcoming episodes.

All Three Episodes

‘Love in Amsterdam’, ‘Only in Amsterdam’, and ‘Death in Amsterdam’ follow “steely-eyed cop”  are the 3 distinct name of the 3 episodes started in 13th September. The series mainly focus on the crime happening in the city and how the trio solve the upcoming danger in the sophisticated people in the city.

The long investigation of Piet Van Der Valk who is a animal lover and very much loyal to his squad is an interesting part of the series. How the squad helps police in the high profile murder cases in the city is engaging and treat to eyes.

Van Der Valk Plot

The crime thriller in it’s three episodes will show almost all aspects of society and the cruelity. It is going to show the racism, sexism, and the hycocrisy of the socity. The show is a complete package of crime and suspense. People who love the genre obviously are gonna enjoy the ongoing investigation of the series.


Apart from Marc Warren, who played Piet van der Valk in the show and the center of the series there are other impressive charecters. We can see Lucienne Hassell, Luke Allen, Elliot Barnes-Worrell, Emma Fielding and few more exciting faces in the show.

Van Der Valk

A scene from the crime series

The show manages to grab attention in it’s very first episode. Crime thriller lovers around find it one of the best from PBS.

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