Jawsh 685 now tops the US Charts. His new hit known as the Siren Beat has become a success all around the globe.

Jawsh 685 tops the US charts


Born in New Zealand; the 17 year old Jawsh 685; is a teen settled in South Auckland. The Cook Island-Samoan producer remixed beats to make it on the top of the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Jawsh 685’s winning track is a cover mix of Savage Love; called the Laxed – Siren Beat. Furthermore, the track also stars K-Pop Superstars BTS and Jason Derulo.

Jawsh 685 is Joshua Nanai’s artist handle. Nanai; before the track became a global success; had earlier shared his; Laxed-Siren Beat; track on the social media platform YouTube.

Furthermore, the track gained popularity all around the globe through the social media app TikTok. The rising popularity of the track also forced the global R&B powerhouse; Jason Derulo; to pick it up.

Jawsh 685 in an official statement with his record label producer Sony Music said that; this achievement of his truly baffles his mind.

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He said, “Actually, it baffles my mind to be number 1 in the US”. Jawsh further added, “You know, a South Auckland kid, showcasing you can do it to other kids, any boulevard you’re from, anywhere. You can still do it, you can believe in yourself, you can do it. Trust me.”

He further said that he was thrilled and excited, and looking forward to what the future has in store for the teenager.

This top position on the US single chart held by Jawsh 685 also contributes to the popularity of the original Savage Love (Lax-Siren Beat) hit; which in several countries; such as that of the US, UK, NZ, Germany, and Canada; seems to have had a whopping one billion aggregate views globally as well as the platinum rating.

Furthermore, it has also dominated the rankings for Spotify, iTunes and Shazaam.

The Aotearoa Music Awards has reportedly nominated the teenage success for its single and breakthrough artist of the year award.

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