Jeezy unveils “The Recession 2″Track list. Featuring RICK ROSS, YO GOTTI, & MORE

Jeezy’s  “the recession 2 ” tracklist :

Jeezy the recession 2 tracklist was in the spotlight since he released the teaser Earlier this week. We have been through an Economic recession in 2008. Jeezy Album Recession helped a lot at that time by giving hopes. It has motivated lots of people.

Now Jeezy is adding another album in the recession series called “The Recession 2”  after more than a decade. See, What to expect from this New Album

Jeezy -Recession 2 Trailer

Tracks in Jeezy’s  “The Recession 2” Tracklist:

Recession 2 will have 15 tracks in total.  The revealed tracklist is as following: 

  1. “Oh lord”
  2. “Here we go”
  3. “Modern Day”
  4. “Back”
  5. “Da Ghetto”
  6. “Niggaz”
  7. “Death of Me”
  8. “Stimulus check”
  9. “My reputation”
  10. “The Glory”
  11. “Live and die”
  12. “Praying right”
  13. “Therapy for My soul”
  14. “Almighty Black dollar”
  15. “The kingdom”

Artists Featuring in Jeezy The Recession 2 tracklist :

This new album is filled with collaboration. Artist like :

  • Demi Lovato and Lil Duval featuring in Track ” My Reputation “
  • Tamika Mallory featuring in Track “Oh lord”.
  • Yo GOTTI featuring in Track “Back”.
  • E-40 Featuring in Track “Da Ghetto”.
  • Ne-yo Featuring in Track “The Glory”
  • And Rick Ross featuring in Track “Almighty Black dollar”.

Oh lord Trailer:

After releasing The Recession 2 trailer. Jeezy also released the track “oh lord” trailer.

In this new track, we can clearly see it’s about reformation and changes happening around. Featuring of recent elections as well.

Difference between Recession and Recession 2 tracklists:

Jeezy The Recession 2 Track list
Jeezy the recession 2 tracklist

Let’s set the difference aside for now. One similarity both recession tracks have is they pointed to social issues Now and even more than a decade ago. Now Major difference both Albums have is a period difference as in 2020 we have been going through too much. There’s a lot more problem Now. And so much is going on. Compared to 2008. Jeezy has addressed them Really well.


Release date :

Recession 2 will be releasing on 20th November 2020


From trailers and teasers. Seems like the album is going to be a major hit. Jeezy always pointed out social and political issues. His supporters are always eager for his new songs. As fans can relate to this totally.
What do you think about this new tracklist?