Gucci declines verzuz battle “Respectfully”.

Gucci mane and Jeezy’s dispute is nothing new they are strong enemies since 2005. However, Gucci Mane doesn’t seem to like the idea of this musical battle. JEEZY said to be the founder of trap music wanted to have one on one music battle with Gucci mane. As he also does same kind of music but Jeezy reveals that Gucci declines verzuz battle with him.

Jeezy reveals details about verzuz battle in the talk show Sway in The Morning with host sway Calloway. He will be taking on this battle with T.I on 19 November. He also revealed that there is only one person in this entire world he wanted to do this battle with. But that one person doesn’t seem to agree with the father of the Trap music. Therefore Gucci declines verzuz battle.

Jeezy told host sway when he asked swizz Beatz (confounding member of Verzuz) about his wish they called Gucci Mane regarding the same matter. But Gucci Mane doesn’t seem to be in agreement with this idea. And swizz said he declined this offer respectfully.

Gucci declines verzuz battle.

Last week Gucci mane even tweeted about the same roughly quoted as – stop asking me about the Verzuz unless you giving me million dollars.

Jeezy and Mane’s disputes:

Years ago battle between Jeezy and Gucci Mane was not as musical as verzuz. Because all people were heard that time was a gunshot and not some musical instrument. Every Artist in their life faces competitive rivalry. But things got ugly between Jeezy and mane when Gucci mane shot a man who said to be a good friend of young Jeezy. Three men said to be barged in Gucci mane’s house and mane shot a man in his self-defense.

Later Jeezy denied sending men to Mane’s apartment. And Gucci has also been cleared with the charges as he shot a man in self-defense.

Now it’s been years for these incidents and Gucci declines verzuz battle that to respectfully seems like he doesn’t want more disputes with Jeezy.

But if these two would have competed in verzuz that would be a great musical battle to watch.

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