Subway Surfers: Unlimited Money Hack Mod APK v2.8.4 Download Latest version for Android

Subway Surfers Hack Mod/Hack Apk: Subway Surfers Hack was created on May 24, 2012. Ever since January 2013, it has been unlocking new and different cities. Some include Houston, Beijing, and Monaco just to name a few. This mobile game has over 34 million downloads and over a 4.4+ star rating on Google Play. It has now released a new Subway Surfers Mod APK that will make this game so much more fun and rewarding! But first, we need to know exactly what Subway Surfers is…

What is Subway Surfers Hack Mod APK 2.8.4?

This game is loved by tens of millions of users that enjoy the endless adventures and worlds traveled by the mischievous, free-spirited characters. It was created by SYBO Games and Kiloo. They are two private companies based in Denmark. The app is available on iOS, Kindle, Windows Phone, and Android.

In the beginning of the game you see a character in a metro railway site. The character is a young graffiti artist spraying graffiti or “tagging” a train car. The character is then caught by the railway inspector along with his dog. The game then begins.

You now have to jump and slide under obstacles all around the railway site in order to not only escape the inspector, but also gather coins. You can also collect power-ups and other things that can help you evade the law. Those power-ups include hoverboards and jetpacks! You can also jump onto train cars where more coins and power-ups are available. This is a mobile game, but also an endless runner game. So that means the train tracks will continue and you will keep evading until you eventually run into an obstacle and get caught by the inspector and his dog.

The speed of the game increases which makes it much harder to avoid barriers. Subway Surfers also hosts special events. Those include the Weekly Hunt, which can result in rewards, and new characters.

Do you need more information or just want some Subway Surfers merch? Then visit the official website of the mobile game Subway Surfers.

Subway Surfers: Unlimited Money Hack Mod APK Features

1.The Cold City of Cambridge is the Next Stop in The Subway Surfers World Tour

Subway Surfers hack apk has an event called the World Tour that has been announced in January 2013 and has lasted since. It’s a feature where Subway Surfers adds a new city where new characters can run from the inspector and his canine friend in a different, beautiful environment. With the new Mod APK, Cambridge has been added!

Subway Surfers Mod

2.Meet Your New Friends from the New Ghostly Cambridge Surfers: Cathy, Noel, and Morgan!

The fun thing about a new city being added periodically is the plethora of characters that come with it. For Cambridge, Noel, Cathy, and Morgan has been added to the ever-growing collection of Subway Surfers.

3.Creep Through Cambridge’s Ominous, Eerie Woodlands and Forests on the New Beelzebook Hoverboard

The Beelzebook board is a reference to the film Hocus Pocus that also had a beelzebook.

The name is pretty straightforward. The new hoverboard is a book! It’s a thick, green book with lots of pages. It has a big red bookmark sticking out of it. The more power-ups you unlock, the more powerful they get. So, you can bet that this Beelzebook board will help you travel great distances through the spooky landscape of Cambridge.

4.Treat Yourself to Rewarding Halloween Bundles and Enjoy

Of course, the next stop in the World Tour wouldn’t be complete without Halloween Bundles. These Halloween Bundles will increase your earnings and make you want to push yourself to achieve more.

Details of Subway Surfers Hack Mod APK

The chart below has some of the basic information about the Subway Surfers Hack APK.

Name Subway Surfers Hack APK
Version 2.8.4
Size 141 MB (megabytes)
Google Play Link Google Play Link
Developer Kiloo and SYBO Games
Last Updated November 4, 2020
Price FREE
Genre Arcade, Game


Subway Surfers Mod APK

Additional Information of Subway Surfers Hack APK

Age Rating Everyone 10+ years of age
Installations 1,000,000,000+ Installations
Privacy Policy Privacy Policy Link
In-App Products Up to $0.99-$104.99 per item
Developer Kiloo and SYBO Games
Report Flag As Inappropriate
Subway Surfers SYBO Zendesk Email Address [email protected]

Gameplay of the New Subway Surfers Hack Mod Apk

You start the game by tapping the screen. You see your character “tagging” or spray-painting a train car. Your character is then noticed by both the inspector at the railway site and his vicious dog. You start to flee from the inspector and his sidekick. That is when the controls are passed to you.

You now have to slide under and jump over obstacles. Those obstacles include poles, the walls of a tunnel, barriers, and trains, both moving and unmoving. You can swipe right, left, and up, and down to avoid crashing or colliding into those objects. However, there is a bright side in that you can collect coins along the way. You can even jump on top of trains to avoid obstacles and collect coins as well as jump from train to train.

You can collect other things such as keys and mystery boxes that you can benefit from after you lose, as well. During the game, you can get power-ups such as score multipliers, super sneakers, hoverboards, and jetpacks. These power-ups and help you avoid collisions and the inspector and dog.

But you have to be careful, because the officer and his dog are never far behind. The game gets faster as you move farther and farther away from the persistent inspector and his loyal canine. That makes it harder to notice obstacles and avoid them.

How to Download and Install the Subway Surfers Hack Mod APK Version?

You can easily download the new Mod APK 2.8.4 by clicking the link below. After that, if you scroll down, you will a timer counting down from 5. Once it reaches the end, another button will appear saying “Download (107.3 M).” Just click on that button, and the downloading will commence. It will take a while since 107.3 MB is a lot of data.

Download Subway Surfers (MOD, Unlimited Coins/Keys) 2.8.4.apk


Q. How old is Jake from Subway Surfers?

A. Jake from Subway Surfers is 15-16 years old.

Q. Does Subway Surfers ever end?

A. Subway Surfers NEVER ENDS. I know it’s a lot to wrap your head around. That’s why it’s called an “endless runner” games. Games like Temple Run and Temple Run 2 operate the exact same way. Go ahead and download either one and play it! You’ll find yourself caught in an endless loop with many bends and turns that ultimately lead to nowhere.

Q. Can I play Subway Surfers hack APK for free?

A. Good news! Yes, you can! This game has always been free, and you can plan on it staying that way. The only thing that costs money are the in-app purchases that can range from $0.99-$104.99 per item. For more info, check the text under the subheading “Additional Information” in this article.

Subway Surfers


In conclusion, Subway Surfers Mod/Hack APK is a game worth the data. You will wind through endless obstacles coins, power-ups, characters, etc. You can’t run out of anything in this game, but this game will have you wanting to keep playing! Now click that link and go enjoy it!

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