Genshin impact fails to protect players phone numbers in big security flaw

Genshin impact security flaw has come into account when players started complaining about the issue. 

This problem has been caught when some player forgot their Mihoyo account password. They has to follow pretty much ever same procedure of verifying phone numbers and email address. When players filling their personal information their account has been censoring their email address. But player’s phone numbers remain on screen uncensored.

Players started posting this complaint on Reddit. This flaw can be considered as the biggest Genshin Impact security flaw. However No statement has made by Mihoyo. But revealing phone numbers is really putting players security at stake.

As this Genshin Impact security flaw is seen in just some countries like Australia and some part of Asia.It is clearly a relief that it’s not the case all over the world. However players are trying to get in touch with Mihoyo for detailed information. And the reason behind this biggest security flaw. But for now Mihoyo chose to remain silent, maybe they are working on Genshin Impact security flaw. And trying to figure out like us why it happened.

Other security issues :

Genshin Impact security flaw
Genshin impact security flaw

Having security issues is nothing new for Genshin impact. Another Genshin impact security issue came into account just a week ago. When players alleged them for having installed spyware. However Mihoyo completely denied all the allegations.

Last year Genshin impact revenues 100 million dollars. And also voted as most played and popular game. This game is also available on PS4. The plus point of this game is that we can play it without spending any money. Role playing games are not free, therefore it has gained immense popularity in no time.


If this Chinese app development company has for seeing this huge security issues, it can be a real threat for players. Imagine if someone would know your player’s name/user name they can simply enter it, forget password and yes now they have your phone number and they can do whatever they want to.

Genshin Impact’s privacy matters should be addressed properly by the company. And they also have to guarantee the player  for security. Because no one will be idiot enough to forego their personal information in the name of playing some games.

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