Hyperloop Tubes: Tata Steel , South Korea’s POSCO to Jointly Develop Hyperloop Tubes

Hyperloop Tubes:
Tata Steel and South Korea’s POSCO to develop Hyperloop Tubes, jointly. The European division of Tata steel and Posco have declared their collaboration. Tata steel plans to develop steel tubes that can support Hyperloop transportation systems. Because these tubes have low pressure a speed close to the speed of sound can be achieved for transportation. These Tubes are a part of the pods for proposed high-speed transportation systems.

Tata steel and POSCO collab for Hyperloop Tubes


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Why the collaboration :

Tata Steel and Posco collaborated because there are a lot of economic challenges in developing the Hyperloop tubes. They plan to utilize their shared technical expertise to build high-quality steel tubes. Posco has 10 years of research on how to use these steel tubes optimally.

Hyperloop tubes effect:

Since these pods have low pressure, they travel fast. These transportation systems will travel as fast as a plane and four times faster than a train. Reducing transit time means more people or goods can be transported easily. In these slow and gloomy corona ridden economic times, deals like these give a glimmer of hope.

POSCO and Tata steel :

POSCO is the world’s fourth-largest steelmaker and has its headquarters in South Korea Pohang. Tata steel European division has its headquarters in London and has operations in the UK and the Netherlands.  Their collaboration is a much-needed breath of life for the world economy.

Another welcome change from Tata steel:

Tata steel is going green in the UK. They are planning to replace blast furnaces with Electric arcs, to reduce industrial pollution. Because of COVID 19, the UK government has proposed financial assistance for significant companies like Tata steel. This replacement is a part of this scheme and the UK government is studying the proposal.

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