Jeffree Star New Boyfriend Allegedly Robbed Him

Jeffree Star life history once again becomes a point of contention on social media. YouTube star and makeup cosmetic entrepreneur implicated his significant other; basketball player Andre Marhold for robbing his things along with his new social media posts. However, Jeffree Star’s boyfriend reportedly robbed him. And starts ignoring his calls so he reaches out to him through Instagram.

Moreover, Jeffree Star set about dating Andre Marhold in August of 2020 after breaking up with everlasting boyfriend Nathan Schwandt in January. The couple did not hesitate from revealing their new relationship on social media.

Andre Marhold previously got married and his apparent wife implicated. She said before that her husband’s new partner has demolished the whole family. Andre Marhold gets back at her and replies “The guy I’m hanging out with has never been married. He isn’t gay. I didn’t take anyone’s f**king husband”

Furthermore, on the Internet, the gossip regarding the two is emerging all over the social media as he publishes a comment under Marhold’s Instagram stories.

Jeffree Star states :

“Hey! Since you can’t answer the phone right now, can you give me all the stuff you stole from my house? What kind of lowlife f**king jackass does that? Give it back! If you need a return label, just ask!”

On September 30, from his Instagram stories, star was prompt to discuss the claim stated against her ex-boyfriend. He states that he has relations with a different person. Only two people are getting along with and relishing s*x. Star says he was opposed to a very different person from who this person indeed was.

“I just jumped on Twitter and there’s a lot of ‘Jeffree Star got robbed’ this and that.

“Jeffree Star got a little played on Twitter and it’s a lot of ‘Jeffree Star got robbed’ that and that.”

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