Jeopardy! Winner tears up while thanking host Alex Trebek

Jeopardy winner tears up After becoming a champion he thanked the host with tears eyes. Burt Thakur became champion in Jeopardy and can’t stop his tears. As his dream to be on the show has become a reality.

We all have certain dreams and goals in our life when we achieve them no one can explain that emotion. We have to live at that moment in order to understand this. Something similar has happened with recent Jeopardy! Champion when his long-lived dream to be on the show has came into existence.

What this Jeopardy winner has to say about the show?

Jeopardy winner tears up
Jeopardy winner tears up

Burt Thakur recalled childhood memories with his grandfather and revealed how both of them used to watch this show together. He also said that he learned English from this show and from host Alex Trebek. Host, Alex Trebek has also got emotional while listening to this emotional yet overwhelming story.

Burt Thakur won a $20,400 prize, while this jeopardy winner tears up we can see how genuine his emotions are and how much he is missing his grandfather and it seems like he wants to be that little boy again who watched this show with his grandfather.

Alex Trebek’s reaction:

Alex Trebek is hosting jeopardy since 1984, from his 36 years of experience he can definitely know what contestants are saying is genuine or not. Watching Alex getting emotional after this jeopardy winner tears up says it all. Because it has proved that how Burt Thakur has poured his heart into these revelations. And how happy he is just to be on the show let alone the winning. It’s like icing on the cake.

About Jeopardy! :

jeopardy is the quiz competition but it’s not like any other show it has a twist of its own.
In this show, the answer will be provided in the form of a quiz and you have to give questions. This is quite a unique show therefore this game is going on for years and Now season 37 of this show is broadcasting.

Conclusion :

Watching jeopardy winner tears up definitely filled our hearts with emotions and memories. That was really great seeing a man accomplishing his dreams after many years.

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