JioSaavn Music & Radio v7.0.1 Pro Unlocked Mod Apk avaiable for free download

Music is something that drives people to live, so what better than to stream music using the new JioSaavn Music & Radio Pro. But wait, there’s more in store than just listening to  music. You can now download the JioSaavn Pro Unlocked Mod. JioSaavn Music & Radio Pro Unlocked Mod Apk is a flexible and accesible version of the original JioSaavn Pro. Now there’s no need to stress while searching for a replacement for the original app. Its just a click away. The program offers you access to unlimited songs at any day any moment in your life. Now with JioSaavn Pro you get to listen to original podcasts and songs without the daily interruptions of ads. With JioSaavn Pro you get access to features unlike any other. You even get access to unlimited change of Jio tunes. So whats stopping you from downloading the app. Go click on the link now.


Developed by the BODVOD Network, it is now handled by the the Jio Platforms starting from 2018 till today. Available on platforms such as android, iOS, WATCHos, Alexa, Google Home, and Windows, it is streamable worldwide. JioSaavn was a result of a merger between Saavn and JioMusic on the 23rd of March, 2018 and was rebranded in December 2018 as JioSaavn.

What is JioSaavn

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The JioSaavn app is an Indian online music streaming service and a digital distributor. JioSaavn is a free service with free basic features that come hand in hand with advertisements and limitations. The program offers additional features for paid subscribtions like improved streaming quality and offline music downloads. It is now the largest streaming service for South Asian music and audio entertainment. JioSaavn Pro is a premium subscription service that comes along with features unavailable in the free pass. The Premium version offers unlimited downloads for offline listening at high quality without ads and access to 5 devices with the same login credentials.

JioSaavn has become quite the popular streaming ground because of its easy access in


mobile phones and its feature that allows music streaming in other extensions. With its unique combination of internet radio and on-demand music, coupled with added features it delivers one of the richest media experiences available in our mobile phones.

JioSaavn Pro – Google Play

Features that come with JioSaavn Pro

JioSaavn Pro users are granted access to a music library of over 45 million songs, exclusive audio shows, podcasts. A personalised playlist and unlimited downloads for offline listening at high quality. Users will also have the pleasure of listening to songs without ads and as mentioned you get an access to 5 devices with the same login. JioSaavn Pro users are also elligible for health and lifestyle benifits including 3 free months of Live At Home Yoga classes with SARVA Yoga, unlimited e-consultations with doctors and specialists at just Rs. 199 per month and a 25 per cent discount on e-consultations with doctors and specialists. There’s more special features in store thata are yet to be revealed.

JioSaavn Pro Mod Apk

JioSaavn Pro Mod is a music and radio app published by the Saavn Media Pvt. Ltd., with a size of just 23.4 MB. For all ages and compatible with android 5.0+. The app supports music streams in a variety of languages like English, Hindi and more. JioSaavn has a user friendly interface and a huge reach with people streaming globally. Listeners have the option of streaming through their Chromecast to T.V or other devices. You can also set your own personal Jio tunes. With a very personalized recommendation and selective contents, users can play music as to their choice.

With JioSaavn Pro Mod Apk you get access to original and exclusive content without the problem of listening to ads. The mod version of the JioSaavn Pro gives its users all the privileges aquired in the original version. For those unaware of what a MOD is, it is a modified version of the original app. It supplies higher options and takes away advertisements and unlock paid options. A MOD apk opens all the features that would usually be only accesible to premium users. But there’s a slight reminder, that MODs are illegal and unauthorized productions. MOD apks allow users to have more access to the content of the application which is not possible in the legal applications, thus making MOD apks more user friendly.


Why you should download JioSaavn Pro Mod Apk

JioSaavn Pro Mod Apk comes with the same app interface as the official app and works the same as the original app. JioSaavn services basically contain monthly and yearly subscriptions with membership plans and added payments. But with JioSaavn Pro Mod Apk you can skip all the hassle and simply enjoy free music without any interruptions from ads and avail to all the premium features. You can download it free of cost and enjoy life in the premium lane.

Online music access has never been easier as it is now. With technology on the rise we have new androids and iOS streaming platforms. JioSaavn comes under such a platform offering millions of songs to millions of listeners worldwide. And for experiencing the premium and exclusive features we have to subscribe to the premium upgrade which cost us money. Now with the JioSaavn Pro Mod Apk, we can skip paying hefty amounts for all the premium features and get easy access. Customise features to your liking and listen to songs at will without worrying for the network and ads. Its as easy as it sounds. just click on the link, press the download option and install to get access to all the premium priveleges. Heres your ticket to free streaming and happy listening.

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