Celebrations makes change to 2020 advent calendar after previous complaints

Celebrations bring a mixed box or tin of confectionery. They have a whole range of mars product in them. We also know them as the festival chocolates. They have a wide range of chocolate collections with them. The advent calendar has begun officially this year.

Advent Celebrations

They have caused customers across the country to rant and rave after opening their Celebrations Advent Calendar and found that the first treat was BOUNTY. Mars Incorporated the organization that produces these chocolates. They have come under criticism from users on Twitter for its calendar of advents. After they had put the chocolate coconut under the first door. Other users have experienced heartbreak, rage, and sorrow. Twitter user George Dredge said: “Run down the stairs to open my Celebrations advent calendar full of excitement and festive cheer.


It’s finally December 1, and many are excited to open the number one door on their advent calendars today. The Advent calendar is now a trending topic in  Twitter. The people are  sharing their views on this year’s advent celeberations The famous Celebrations advent has caused chaos among customers by placing one of the most controversial chocolates the Bounty, behind the number one door. Last year Celebrations, operated by Mars, took things one step further, putting coconut chocolate behind number two of the gate. Some said that their Christmas was  spoiled and many were expecting the same thing to repeat this year, but Celebrations made an abrupt improvement.

The company has put Maltesers  chocolate behind door number one also telling fans they’ve “listened, learned, and changed.” A tweet on the official Celebrations accounts read: “We’ve listened, we’ve learned, we’ve changed! You wanted Maltesers behind door number one this year… we got ya! Enjoy the nation’s favorite Celebrations chocolate!” This has brought immense joy among customers.



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