Jodie Marsh Mother Is No More: Says She Is Heartbroken

What can be more heartful than losing your close one, and when the close person is your mom then the sadness can’t be explained with the word. Jodie Marsh Mother left the world and Jodie is deeply heartbroken as she shared a photo with her mother.

She shared the photo with the caption “Mum. I am Broken”. Jodie Marsh Mother Kristina died after a long battle with cancer. The former glamour model was broken and shattered of her death.

Jodie shared a series of photographs taken at the funeral. She is grateful to partner Billy for remaining ber her site at the tough time. She stated that Billy was nervous about messing up things.

But finally, he could carry the coffin on his shoulder along with her father and brother. One of Jodie’s close friend Colin also joined help and stand for them to carry Kristina for her last rite.

The former bodybuilder expresses her love for parter and told Kristina to love him so much. And it is an honor for him to carry her for the last rite. She shared a number of coffins photo decorate with beautiful flowers.

Jodie Marsh Mother was very much close to her and she lost a great friend in her mom as well. The former model was all in tears as she delivered the eulogy speech for her mother.

She fought back her tears and expresses the bond she shared with Kristina. Also what a beautiful soul she was. It is a tough time for the family and they are standing strong with each other.

Jodie Marsh mother
Goodies for the guest

They also made some special arrangements for the guests and picked some goodies for them to take back home. The goodies include one photo of Kristina, her favorite chocolates, crystals, and hand-painted shells belong to Kristina. It includes some other things and packed in a pink wrapper.

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