Kate Garraway Husband: Kate reveals husband Derek Draper has ‘worrying downs’ in hospital.

Kate Garraway husband: Kate Garraway reveals husband Derek Draper has ‘worrying downs’ in hospital. He was in a coma state with a very low level of consciousness. Derek is now corona free but still, his health needs improvement. Kate’s husband is ill since March. Being confined to a hospital for six months, it’s affecting his vital organs as well. Kate is the only family allowed in the hospital because others recovering from COVID19.


Kate Garraway: Garaway is an English journalist. She also broadcasts and presents shows like Midmornings with Kate Garaway on Smooth Radio. Kate co-anchors Good morning Britain on ITV breakfast. It’s Kate’s second marriage to Derek Draper.
Derek Draper:
Kate Garraway’s husband  Derek is a political advisor and lobbyist. He is an ex-editor of the LabourList website. Draper has also worked as a psychotherapist. He is the author of two books like Blair’s 100 Days and Life support. Draper has two children with his wife Kate Garraway. Derek is now in the ICU of a hospital and now recovering From COVID 19.
The Marriage anniversary: Due to COVID 19 regulations Kate can’t meet Derek but can have only Face time. Unfortunately, it’s Kate and DRaper’s 15 th marriage anniversary but she can’t meet him. This is a very tough situation for her. Kate shared her feelings on the air with her colleagues. She also says Derek’s daughter and other relatives are also unable to see him and she is keeping her fingers crossed.
COVID 19  and families: The pandemic is a testing time world over, including on relationships. It’s tough people losing jobs, economic slowdown, and battling the serious disease itself. It’s also a mind game. Time will prove who is stronger, Man, or the virus. Families need to stay strong, in spite of the physical distance. Stay emotionally connected and do something special with your close ones online. Don’t forget to take precautions.

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