Banksy artwork appears on Nottingham wall.

Banksy artwork finds new places: Banksy artwork appears on the Nottingham wall. Graffiti artist Banksy has worked his art on the wall. A girl in a hula hoop and a real cycle with a missing wheel at the back is the art. They don’t know the meaning of the artwork. People assume he chose this location maybe because it has the highest number of corona patients.
Banksyart appears on the Nottingham wall.
Banksy art appears on the Nottingham wall.
Graffiti Artist Banksy: He is an English artist, political activist, and Film director since 1990. His street art is satirical and combines dark humor. Banksy uses a distinct stenciling technique for his art. Another feature of his art is that he displays it in public, on a wall, or on self-built prop pieces. Banksy is also famous for his documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. His name and identity are not confirmed yet.

Latest Banksy art appears on the Nottingham wall outside a beauty salon on Ilkeston Road, Radford. People are divided on whether it’s original or fake. The spokesperson for Banksy denied any claims about the art. The beauty salon owner feels it’s a good piece of art and came to know about it only after people started clicking pictures of it.

Who is Banksy? He could be an artist named Robert Banks or Robert Gunningham. People assumed this after a man supposedly Banksy pointed towards the picture of Gunningham. They say he looks like a white man with a silver tooth and a silver chain. Nobody knows for sure. He is however a philanthropist and has done many good deeds for the poor like sending a rescue boat for the refugees at risk to the Mediterranean sea.

Criticism: The British spokesperson for Keep Britain tidy, Peter Gibson feels his art is pure vandalism. Another person from the same organization feels his art is glorifying vandalism and it is clever art for the idiots.

          Everybody loves a little drama and mystery. Hence people love his art and good deeds.

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