Food as a different aspect of Korea

Korea being one of top IT creators in the world  also has one of the greatest food of all times and a well developed delivery system. They have organised the deliveries according to needs, time schedule and availability .

Street food items make a bigger economic income than most in Korea and hence every other owns a food joint. Tourist constitute half of the economy in the country. Tourism is one of the major sources and food is the best attractions . Foods also play a major role in culture and traditions of Korea .

Though foods around the parts of Korea vary in taste and versions. The most popular dishes from Korea is rameyun (ramen noodles) which also come in different flavors. Popular street foods of Korea are tteobokki (rice cakes) ,bibimbap (mixed rice), japchae(stir-fried glass noodles ) etc. The Korean food has also been influenced from the Chinese cuisine, Thai cuisine and Japanese cuisine .

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Korea also serves the most delicious foods in night markets that are open to people till midnight ,considering the busy lifestyle and secular crowd. Being a sea-shore country Korea has a wide variety of sea-food to try . The food is generally served with several side dishes like kimchi (chabbage,onion,raddish), mixed greens, boiled vegetables and several sauces. The use of fermented food is usually the reason for a longer life and glass skin for the people. Rice is the staple in the country . As the eatables are evolving, Koreans have made food into their own versions. Eatables in Korea is considered to be one of the most spiciest around the world .

Food culture of Korea

Medicinal cooking is a cultural tradition in Korea as servings are ensured to be healthy to the body as well as mind. The medicinal also consists of vegetarian dishes ( not vegan) to detoxify the toxins in body. Medicinal cooking is generally served in buddha temples to promote a healthy environment .

The drinking culture in Korea is also related to the dishes as drinks are served with various fried foods like fried chicken , chicken feet, bulgogi(stir-fried meat)or mandu (dumplings). The traditional drink is “rice wine” which is made from fermented rice or “soju“.

The increase in tourism has also made seoul and jeju island one of the most exotic places to visit. The uniqueness comes from it’s seasoning, where locals love to eat out more than in home. Places like insadong and hongdae and several other places offer variably good dishes for cheap prices. The national food of Korea that is kimchi is offered in 250 varieties for people to enjoy. One of the other common foods of Korean households are sungdae (blood sausage) and kimch jijage (kimch stew) which is a common staple around the country.

Koreans also serve a traditional birthday meal which is considered as a special meal throughout the year which consists of seaweed soup, rice, bulgogi and omelett.


The food seemingly same taste different around the border. While north and south Korea are divided ,they have similar food choices and traditions but the food in north Korea seems to be a lot simpler and cooling than in south Korea. The dishes named same but with a similar outlook like Naungmyon(cold noodles), rice porridge with a less emphasis of spice with side dishes of kimchi in bean paste,pansanggi(grilled beef) etc .

They truly are divided by borders but united by food!


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