Lenovo Legion phone confirmed to pack 144Hz display

Lenovo Legion phone confirmed to pack 144Hz display, pro variant likely. Lenovo confirmed today that they are launching their new gaming smart phone Legion. In addition to confirming that the phone is launching on July 22, 2020 specifications were also released. While some of its specification such as the 144Hz display were quite impressive others were less. Lenovo explain this when they confirmed that the smart phone will be released in standard and Pro versions. Specifications that were revealed during the announcement were for the stand version of Lenovo Legion. An impressive marketing tactile on Lenovo part. If this is what the standard has and what will the pro be capable of?

Specifications and Release

Lenovo Legion

Lenovo Legion standard and Pro version gaming phones have an impressive list of specifications. The two variations will both run off the Legion OS a variation of Android 10. In addition, both smart also how the 144Hz display which will enhance any gaining experience. However, these are the only features the two will have in common. The remaining key specifications or the standard Lenovo Legion gaming smart phone the subpar. Standard version uses Qualcomm snapdragon 865, has only 6 GB of RAM and a storage capacity of only 128 GB.

The most likely reason is that the standard version is an economy variation of the smart phone. This becomes more likely when you examine the specifications of the pro variation. This version incorporates Qualcomm snapdragon 865+, 16 GB of RAM, and 512 GB of storage. This means that the Pro version is almost 3 times more capable than the standard variation every major specification.

Lenovo will launch the Legion on July 22, 2020 delivered timing the events a few our support closest Rival launches.  That being, the Taiwanese company Asus’s ROG phone 3. Most likely the timing of the launch is so Lenovo Legion can make of the lack of international sales. Whereas, Asus’s ROG phone 3 will be immediately available in Taiwan and India upon its release.

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