Lisa Turtle Returns To Saved By The Bell After A Long Pause!

Lisa Turtle Returns To Saved By The Bell

Peacock’s Reboot with Saved By The Hell is all set to hit the screen. The popular show making a buzz for many days for many reasons. One of the major buzzes was around Lisa Turtle returns.

One of the leads of the Bayside’s High Lark Voorhies aka Lara Turtle was missing in many events related to the NCB popular show. So naturally, there were speculations on her return to the show.

The audience was already convinced that she is not returning for the Saved By The Bell. And then amid all rumors, the star announced her returns to the Peacock with an Instagram post.

Lark’s Appearance For The Show

Lark Voorhies was in a hot pink blazer in the picture behind her workplace. The actress is looking gorgeous in her new avatar in an elegant and refreshed look. She is all smiling and with beautiful curls.

Lisa Turtle Returns comes with a surprise to all. Post the reboot announced the stars of Saved By The Bell met for different occasions and reunions. But Lark was never invited to those events.

Lark Diagnosed Wrongly With Bipolar

Lisa Turtle earlier diagnosed with bipolar diseases and she stated this as a reason behind the exclusion of her from the get-together. While stating the star said she was hurt for being not a part of her family, but they might have some genuine reason behind that.

Lisa turtle return
Lisa In Earlier Season

So, she did not mind and she is happy that she could make a return to the show finally. Lark’s doctor though later announced that she was diagnosed wrongly with bipolar and that delayed her proper treatment.

Lisa Turtle ReturnsĀ finally and fans are super excited to see her in the Saved By The Bell. The show would be incomplete without her presence. With the new casts, the NCB show is going to hit the screen soon along with the older gems.

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