LisaRaye McCoy Meek Mill, Mill expressed his wish to date Lisa Raye. He asked if there is any VIP pass. On which Lisa Raye responded real fast and asked if he is in Atlanta. And that she is here, he can come through and they definitely can go for a date.

LisaRaye also talks about the launch of her Only fans in the episode of Cocktails With The Queen’s latest episode. The ladies in the town had some fun talk in the episode and it was all casual and light.

Apart from LisaRaye McCoy Meek Mill, the star in the show discussed many other aspects like social media accounts are being toxic. And how badly she wants to stay away from those toxic media.

In social media platforms, it’s all about hatred bullying and trolling. The famous model and actress is tired of all this and thus she launches Only Fans. Where she will only interact with the people she knows and who loves her.

On the couch, the ladies talk about their favorite topic and that is Meek’s age. So she found out Meek is in his 30s and she seems no problem with dating the rapper. LisaRaye McCoy Meek Mill seems going to have a great time soon if things went well.

She also said one never know what’s behind the face or the brand. It’s always good to have a conversation and get the guard down. Meek on the other hand did not leave the chance to show his excitement and he responded quickly.

LisaRaye McCoy Meek Mill

LisaRaye McCoy

Cocktails With the Queen’s latest episode was all fun and successful with the presence of LisaRaye McCoy. And it turns out to be beneficial for Mill to get through with the LisaRaye McCoy Meek Mill dating each other.

Looking forward to seeing the stars together and have some gala time with each other.